Killer Celebrity Closets


There’s nothing like a celebrity closet to send you into a jealousy spiral. While there are some enviable celebrity closets out there, the ones below are the best of the best! Loubutins, celine, and YSL line these closets and the closets themselves are almost worth their contents. Have a look at these killer closets and get ready to break the bank replicating them.


Jenna Lyon’s Closet

J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyon’s closet looks exactly what you’d expect the creative director of J.Crew’s closet to look like. The room is rustic and not a traditional closet look. The ram’s horns are a novelty but the oak center island pull the room together. This closet works because the walls are light and airy while the accent pieces bathe in deep browns and earth tones.


Khloe Kardashian


The Kardashian clan are worth 80 million dollars. So, from that, we can expect some killer closet swag. Youngest Kardashian sister Khloe’s home with basketball player hubby Lamar Odom can afford her some pretty awesome closet decor. In true Kardashian style, the room screams a lavish  lifestyles and $3,000 LV bags. Again, the center island table ties the whole room together and the lighting fixture is an essential accent piece. The fresh flowers and candles lighten up the room and add a romantic feel.




Giuliana Rancic


E! News host Giuliana Rancic’s closet is expansive yet well organized. A white marble center island to hold accessories and neatly colour coordinated clothing racks speak to our inner obsessive compulsive. The closet works because it is well organized, minimal, and very on trend.




Rachel Zoe and Skylar Bergman
Celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe and her two year old son probably have some of the best closets in Hollywood. Zoe’s closet is surprisingly structured for the notoriously scatter brained star. One thing it’s not missing, though, is her trademark print rug. Her son, Skyler’s closet is also super trendy and colourful. I’ve been alive 10x longer than Skyler Bergman and he already has and he already has a Louis Vuitton carrier bag.




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