Best Celebrity Break Up Real Estate


Dismantling a former love nest can be difficult for any couple. Real Estate is a tough subject to tackle in the midst of a breakup–especially for celebrities who have spent millions on lavish digs. So what are the best celebrity break up homes?


Heidi Klum and Seal


Some could call this the house that Project Runway built. Seal and Heidi bought their French style villa in Beverly Hills in 2005 for a reported $7.6 million. When the two went their separate way in 2011, they listed the house for $6.9 million despite extensive remodels and additions to the property. The home, which is a stunning property straight out of the French aristocracy boasts of a custom built glass enclosed wine vault and wood paneled library. But no one knows better than Heidi: One day you are in, and the next…you are out.


Kelsey and Camille Grammar


Kelsey and Camille Grammar’s divorce was very public, very messy, and very awkward for all of us. What was undoubtably more awkward was probably figuring out what to do with their $17.5 million Malibu Mansion. The 6,645 sq ft home was featured on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and boasts warm and modern interiors.



Russell Brand and Katy Perry


While this isn’t technically a breakup home, it’s still a stunner. A few months before they filed for divorce, Katy Perry and Russell Brand listed their lavish Loz Feliz home for a cool $3,395,000, a property they’d purchased in 2009. The 4,900 sq. ft home features a Mediterranean pool, lush decor, and 0.5 more bathrooms than bedrooms.



Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren


If you don’t remember Tiger Woods’ home exterior from the  numerous news stories shortly after the car crash that led to his divorce, then you probably spent all of 2009 under a rock. The Windemere, Florida home that he shared with then wife Elin Nodegren went on the market shortly after their divorce was finalised and was soon scooped up by fellow golf pro Bubba Watson. While the home looks calming and unsuspecting, there certainly must have been some shenanigans going on inside!



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