Your dream home


Everyone has a dream home. They can simply close their eyes and start going on and on about the features and appearance of it. Some might have ornate swimming pools while others contain cutting edge decor and a few will be simply eco-friendly dwellings designed with preservation in mind. However, the devil is in the details and it’s no different when it comes to finding a dream home.

While most people want to fancy accessories and add-ons, these will not make a house any more or less liveable. In order to prevent a dream home from becoming a nightmare, it is important to figure out what is required for everyone in the family to feel comfortable. Understanding these details first will guarantee a home everyone loves. When thinking about your dream home, be sure to consider these key questions.

Are there enough bathrooms?

Sure, the home may have a stunning garden or yard, but if there is only one bathroom it’s possible that the space might find itself being used as an additional toilet. Okay, that probably isn’t very likely, but family members and guests are not going to want to wait while everyone takes turns using the facilities. 

It’s good to establish the minimum amount of bathrooms necessary for everyone to be happy living in a home. This can help serve as a guideline when looking it at a house. If a place doesn’t meet the minimum bathroom requirement, it can be dismissed before there is a chance to fall in love with the massive garden or other desirable features which may be nice but aren’t as practical as having enough toilets and showers.

Is the kitchen realistic?

People dream of extravagant kitchens with island stovetops, marble countertops and all the other bells and whistles. While they are nice to have, these features can also dramatically increase the cost of a home. There have been some cases of a family falling so in love with a kitchen that they forget the fact that no one in the family can cook.

It’s understandable why someone would fall in love with a large master bedroom, after all it is a place they will be using every day. However, it’s a good idea to set realistic expectations of what the family wants from its kitchen. If no one is going to be in there cooking, maybe something a little more subdued is a good choice. And those families who love hosting dinner parties may want to opt for something a little flashier.

Is it okay to settle?

Some families may realise that they simply cannot afford their dream home and end up becoming discouraged. This has to do with having unrealistic expectations before starting the search. In order to avoid this from happening, come up with a list of features that the family absolutely has to have along with a list of wants. This way when a home that meets the needs is found, it doesn’t feel like settling, In addition to this, the wants can always be added later.

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