Why Your Loan Officer Should be Using a Mortgage CRM


If you’re wondering what a mortgage CRM is, then you’re on the same boat is most home buyers. In short, a crm is a “Customer Relations Management System”, and a mortgage crm is a system designed specifically for the mortgage process.

Why A Mortgage CRM Matters


Most people buy homes using loans. Getting a loan can either be nightmarish or relaxed – it really just depends on your loan officer. A mortgage crm can be the difference between you shaving 3 years off your lifespan and you having a pleasant home buying experience.

Buying a home can take up to 3 months – and then you’re also going to be making a 30 year commitment to work with the bank you just signed up with. The initial relationship you set up matters because imagine working with someone you hate for 30 years. Or imagine working with a bank you love for 30 years.

As crazy as it sounds, something as simple as a CRM can make a world of a difference.

The Problem that a Mortgage CRM Solves

A mortgage CRM makes it easier for your loan officer to manage your relationship. At first, you probably think that your relationship with the LO shouldn’t be a big deal – but consider this.

They have dozens of active clients they’re working with.
They have dozens of active prospects that they’re working with.
They already have hard-to-manage and stressful clients that they’re working with.
They’re responsible for their own marketing.
They’re responsible for being mortgage experts in an age where mortgage laws literally change on a weekly basis.
They’re only human.

When you consider all of these things, you realize that a loan officer making a mistake or forgetting about you is too easy.

How a Mortgage CRM Can Help You


A mortgage CRM like the one offered by Bntouch would make your life easier in a couple of ways. First and probably most importantly, it would give you a way to upload your documents online instead of having to schedule an appointment to deliver your documents. This is a huge advantage because it lets you keep your file updated in real time.

Second, it adds clarity to the mortgage loan process by keeping you in the loop of your file’s status.

Third, it automatically reminds you of what you need to be doing at all times.

Most importantly, it saves your loan officer time – meaning that instead of nagging you to get your paperwork in, they can focus on processing your loan.

In short, it minimizes the amount of negative interactions, increases the amount of positive interactions, streamlines the workflow for your loan officer, and ultimately delivers a better mortgage experience for you.

In Conclusion

Making your loan officers job easier makes your own life easier. It’s a win / win for everyone – especially you, the consumer. So the next time you walk in for a mortgage loan or refinance, ask the simple question, “are you using an effective CRM”? That question alone will let you gauge if that loan officer is working with an effective stress-free system or just winging it every time a client walks in the door.




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