Why you should be living in Charleston, SC


Charleston, South Carolina is the crown jewel of the southeast. From the incredible history to amazing views, it is more than just a tourist destination. It is a city to call home. But what can Charleston offer beyond the tourist attractions? More than you might know. As one of the most affluent cities along the East Coast, it is a breathtaking city to call home for both you and your family. So stop by for a visit and stay for a lifetime.

Why Should You Call Charleston Home?

Beyond the southern charm and smiling faces, why should you call Charleston home? There are many reasons why and ultimately it depends on what you’re looking for in a home and surrounding city. Thankfully, Charleston likely checks off all the boxes important to you.


Finding a city with the perfect combination of cool winters and warm but not sweltering summers can be difficult. If you’re from the Midwest or Northeast, you know how wonderful your summers are but how debilitating the winters are. If you’re from further south (such as Florida), you know how comfortable the winters are yet you’re forced to remain inside for much of the summer’s daytime hours. Charleston is the perfect location as it offers you mild weather year round. The average high during the winter months is in the 50s. In the summer, the temperature will grace the 90-degree mark from time to time, but with the coastal winds coming in from the ocean you’ll always have that comforting breeze.

With Charleston’s location, you rarely need to worry about tropical storms striking the city. The climate here is truly the best of both worlds. You’ll experience all four seasons yet the temperature is never too hot or too cold.

Beaches and Ocean

There’s just something about a beach, the gentle lapping of water caressing the sand while birds chirp in the background. It’s soothing to the soul. It’s also a 20-minute drive from Charleston’s downtown. Plus, with several islands in the area, you can avoid the tourist destinations and claim more beachfront for yourself.

The beaches are open year round, so even when the water is too chilly for swimming, you can enjoy a leisure walk by the water and stop by one of the many locally owned restaurants. Plus, with the Charleston harbor, you can finally take up sailing lessons or have a dock for your boat. Unlike other Southern coastal cities where owning a boat really isn’t an option (we’re looking at you, Savannah), you can either have a private dock out in front of your home or rent out dock space in the harbor. Either way, when you call Charleston home, you’re only a stone’s throw away from beaches, the ocean and everything else that comes with it.


If you’re considering a move to Charleston from out of state, you may wonder what the tax situation is in South Carolina. You may be surprised that South Carolina is one of the most affordable states in the country with regards to taxes. The property tax is just 0.57% and the gas tax is the second to lowest in the country at 16.75 cents. This makes owning a home in Charleston not just an investment but a far more affordable opportunity.

Real Estate in Charleston

Charleston is broken down into several different districts. The kind of property you’re looking for will dictate the district you should consider (or the district you want will dictate the kind of property you can purchase). No matter the kind of property you’re interested in, Matt O’Neil Real Estate can assist.


If you’re interested in a newer, larger home, you may want to consider the Wagener Terrace neighborhood. Properties here typically start over $300,000 and can reach well over the million dollar mark. There are excellent shopping opportunities here in the upscale community. When you want to be around families and young professionals while away from downtown, this may be the perfect location for you to call home.

Do you want the cream of the crop? The best of the best? If so, South of Broad is for you. This exclusive area of downtown is unlike anything else along the East Coast. While there are a few different shops here, most of the neighborhood is made up of historical homes. Homes generally start around the $1 million mark and go upwards, although occasionally a property or two may go for slightly less.

When you want to live in the center of the art district, look towards the French Quarter. This is where the Charleston Art Walk is held throughout the year, where locals hop from one art gallery to the next. This is a condo-heavy district, although you may be able to find the occasional home (these are harder to come by).

When it comes to luxury real estate in Charleston, South Carolina, Matt O’Neil Real Estate is here to assist your every need. From luxury, oceanfront condos to larger, historical homes full of character and old south charm, your dream home is just around the corner. Let the team at Matt O’Neil Real Estate help turn that dream into a reality.

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