Why Foodies Should Be Living in Rosemont


When you’re a foodie, it’s ideal to live close to the best restaurants. That is why if you’re a Montreal resident foodie, you ought to consider relocating to Rosemont. Pick one of the Mile-Ex condos and you’re all set. The wide variety of culinary delights available in Rosemont today offers a fascinating lifestyle for foodies regardless of preference.

When you live in Rosemont, you can easily visit the following establishments:

La Boulette
Looking for wine to go with your dinner? La Boulette has an impressive wine list with lots of private imports. What makes this even more astonishing is that this isn’t a fine dining establishment. It’s a burger joint, although admittedly it offers premium versions of your usual comfort food items. They use fresh local produce to go with the buns they get from the upscale Arhoma bakery.

It’s easy enough to realize that Régine is popular, since people line up for their brunch offerings on weekends. But you can enjoy brunch here even on ordinary weekdays too. They offer classic food items made special with unusual creative tweaks, so you can try having spiced hot chocolate to go with your oatmeal cooked with coconut.

Chez Chose
The move from the Plateau has taken the spotlight somewhat away from Chez Chose, but that’s probably temporary. Word is spreading in the area about their fantastic yet homey dishes and the welcoming vibe offered by co-owner Robert Martin. When you can enjoy scrumptious rabbit loin with olives, bacon, and parsnip anytime you want, you’ll never wish to live anywhere else.

Détour Bistro
It’s true that Rosemont doesn’t quite have as many French bistros as Hochelaga. Still, there’s Détour Bistro to satisfy your Gallic palate. Dine here and enjoy their exquisite profiteroles, tartare, and garlic escargot.

De Froment et de Sève
Looking for a bakery in Rosemont? Your search is over once you get to De Froment et de Sève at 2355 Beaubien Est. You have numerous buttery, flaky pastries to try out, along with lots of bread and viennoiseries. The bistro menu and the terrific list of available sandwiches should satisfy you even when you’re really hungry.

Zytynsky’s Deli
It’s safe to say that Zytynsky’s Deli is a trailblazer for Rosemont foodie scene. After all, this Ukrainian charcuterie was founded by a sausage maker almost a hundred years ago. They’ve thrived even now in their 3rd generation with the quality of their imported and hand-smoked meats. It’s true that they’re more of a grocery and a deli, but the sandwich counter here can give you instant foodie gratification.

Sandwicherie Sue
It’s not the only place in Montreal that offers good banh mi, of course. But the banh mi you get from Sandwicherie Sue is unique, as this traditional Vietnamese offering can also come with aioli, marinades and food innovations like shiitake mushroom sandwiches and Chinese eggplant.

This is maybe the only place in Montreal that serves both Greek cuisine and food from all over the huge African continent. The pairing may seem like an odd couple, but it works just fine. Order moussaka and mafe peanut stew and be amazed. If it’s your first time, celebrate your visit with an order of the spiced braised meat called Choukouya.

Chez Toutou
If you’re a simple guy (or gal) who just wants good yet unusual fare, try this Haitian restaurant. Just get the spiced fried meat called griot, along with plantains and lots of rice, and that’s that. You’ll find this place at 4300 Rue Bélanger.

These places are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Rosemont foodie scene. So, if you’re going to be visiting all the time for your meals, you may as well make it easy for yourself and live here in Rosemont!

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