Why buy a House in Wales?



If you are thinking about buying a property in the UK, maybe you should turn your gaze towards Wales. That is because many factors play in this region’s favour. With prices rising by over 20 % in the country, finding the right one at the right price just might be possible, that is if you start searching in Wales. Here is what you need to know. 

Wales: A Great Place to live or to Rent Your Property

Whether you are looking for a property where you can live, or one that you will rent out, Wales will serve you well in both cases. Once you are done reading the information below, you may want to look for removal companies in Wales, making it your next life destination. But for now, here are the various reasons why Whales is definitely a good place to buy a property, right now.

Population Growth

When you invest into a house, in order to rent it, you need to look closely at the population of growth. If it is decreasing, it means that you need to look somewhere else, if you don’t want to have a hard time finding tenants. In 2020, as the coronavirus crisis was going on, Wales still showed a growth of 0.5%. This shows that the future should be bright, in terms of leasing. 

Local Amenities

When you decide to live somewhere, you first make sure that you will have all the necessary amenities close to your house. For those growing a family, schools will be more important, as well as hospitals and parks. To others, having a supermarket, a gas station and other businesses and commercial properties, will be the key. In both cases, new owners in Wales will find all that they need in terms of local amenities. 

Economic Growth and Employment Opportunities

Let’s be honest, the economic crisis that the UK faces right now, doesn’t make it easy on any of the regions of the country. However, there is no doubt that Wales was doing great before all these problems started to happen, and it will turn back to being a prosperous region, as soon as this dark period ends. Wales also showed great work opportunities, in the latter years. 

Touristic Attractions

If what you want to invest in, is a flat that you can turn into a B&B, then Whales is the perfect spot. Tourists are always looking for castles to visit, and they love a place where you can lay on the beach and relax. Wales offers them both and more. In fact, it can be said that the region possesses some of the most beautiful natural scenery, with incredible parks to take long walks in, while taking many pictures to take back home, as souvenirs. 

The Cost of Properties is Good

If you compare the cost of a property in Wales to the rest of the UK, you will discover that their average price is about 20% lower. In fact, you will find that houses in Wales usually go for £215,000, when the average in the rest of the UK is around £270,000. That is a very large sum of money that you won’t get to spend, and that you can use to visit the new region that you live in. 

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