Why Are Home Buyers Looking to Atlanta?


Atlanta has been named one of the top cities in the United States with more and more people moving to this urban area than anywhere else in the nation. With such recent popularity, more people are buying homes in Atlanta than ever before. It might be surprising to learn that Atlanta is quickly becoming one of the major art and entertainment hubs of the country. There’s a lot of business and economic opportunity in this urban area, and the population is skyrocketing! Read on to discover why home buyers are looking to Atlanta for the best value and the best living!

Atlanta has a lot of housing potential

After the economic downturn in 2008, the housing crisis was in full swing. Atlanta was one of the first cities to recover from this downturn, and now the city has a bustling housing market. With many different neighborhoods and suburban areas, there’s a lot to choose from when settling in this southern city. There are many new single family home developers as well as luxurious condominiums. Popular choices near downtown Atlanta include Atlantic which offers great amenities without sacrificing urban living. These new housing options make Atlanta a hotspot for home buyers!

Atlanta is the new Hollywood

Because costs of filming here are so low, Atlanta is quickly developing into the next major film and television destination for the nation. Don’t be surprised if you encounter a production crew on the streets of downtown. That’s just everyday living in Atlanta. You might be surprised to learn some of your favorite movies and TV shows are filmed in Atlanta, and many more are coming to the area soon. Some of the most well-known productions include The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, and The Vampire Diaries! With more tax credits luring in these big studios, it’s no wonder so many major productions are choosing Atlanta as the backdrop.

Atlanta is full of economic opportunity

Many of the nation’s most well-known Fortune 500 companies are based in Atlanta. Coca Cola and Delta are probably the most recognizable, but recently, more startups are choosing Atlanta as their home. Because of the low cost of living and great weather, Atlanta is becoming a technology hub with more growth than any other large city in the South. Those looking for business and employment opportunities are flocking to Atlanta in droves as business keeps booming!

Finally, there’s just so much to see and do in Atlanta

While Atlanta didn’t used to offer much by way of urban living a few decades ago, recent projects are revitalizing the downtown area! With large parks, active living communities, and locally owned establishments, there is a never ending list of things to do in Atlanta! Some of the best dining and entertainment in the country is found in this southern gem, and these changes are here to stay! Atlanta is perfect for all types of living. Whether you’re looking to raise a family in a quiet neighborhood with a lot of educational options, or you’re a young professional interested in starting a career with a lot of growth potential, there’s something for you in Atlanta. With fun events hosted all year long and more and more businesses choosing to call Atlanta home each year, it’s no wonder so many people are relocating here for the long haul.

Atlanta is the best of both worlds

Living in Atlanta means enjoying a relatively low cost of living without sacrificing quality. Unlike other major cities in the United States, Atlanta is prosperous and seeing upward growth. Prices of living in Atlanta are reasonable, meaning more home buyers are seeing the potential of choosing Atlanta! If you’re considering buying a home soon, don’t overlook Atlanta! You might realize it’s one of the best choices. Living in Atlanta means having the extra money to spend on things that matter most, as well as living near some of the best entertainment and dining in the country!

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