What Makes Minneapolis a Great Place for Young Couples Just Starting Out


For young couples just starting out and looking to lay down their first roots, together it can be hard to narrow in on that perfect location. Typically, they are looking for a city/town that offers affordable housing, plenty of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, and that city-feel with a touch of a smaller town thrown in, so they can get to know their own community. Minneapolis is one of those cities that can manage to check all these boxes and more, providing its residents with all kinds of benefits and advantages.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at just what makes Minneapolis such a great place for that young couple who is just starting out in life.

The Best Neighborhoods for Young Professionals
While there are many areas of Minneapolis that make for a great place to live, there are a few neighborhoods that are standing out for young professionals as “the” place to live. These are the areas of the North Loop, Lowry Hill, Downtown, East, Nicollet Island – East Bank, and Uptown, historically known as the Hennepin-Lake trade area.

Each of these neighborhoods is classed as “city neighborhoods” and is given favorable rankings based on their access to restaurants, bars, affordable housing, and job opportunities. What makes the areas even better is the fact you get a real cross-section of housing options. City-living often goes hand-in-hand with condos, and Minneapolis has a healthy supply of them. A condo Uptown Minneapolis is a great example of taking advantage of the best the city has to offer, all with an affordable price tag.

A High Income Metro Area
Another big draw for young couples is the fact that Minneapolis is among one of the highest-income, large metro areas in all of the country. It is able to give areas like DC/Baltimore, San Francisco/Bay Area, and Greater Boston a real run for the title. Of course, unlike these other top income areas, the housing prices in Minneapolis haven’t risen as quickly. This means couples are able to live a very comfortable lifestyle, even though they are enjoying city-living.

A Fabulous City to Explore
Outside of the important facts such as affordable living and job opportunities, Minneapolis is also a great city to explore and really be a tourist in. You can find something new to explore, visit, and do on any given day, giving you an opportunity to really get to know the city.

Some of the top things to see, do, and visit includes the Mill City Museum, Lake Calhoun, Chain of Lakes, Minnehaha Falls, Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis Skyway System, strolling the streets and sights of historic Uptown, shopping in Nicollet Mall, and plenty more.

A City Worth Investing In
There is a lot to factor in when deciding which city you want to lay down roots in, and by all accounts, Minneapolis manages to check off many of the key features young couples are looking for nowadays.

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