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England is a country with a thousands years of history, steady-state economy, unique traditions and popular tourist attractions. The property market remains an attractive proposition to many overseas buyers. With demand outstripping supply buying a property in many parts of England can still be very profitable investment.

With a growing population and a strengthen economy is growing house prices in the region are on the up.

In 2014 for English prime property, experts predict that prices will be up by about 25 per cent across London and the commuter belt, with a rise of 21 per cent in England below the North South divide and 18 per cent above that and in Wales and Scotland

Owning a property is a struggle for may first time buyers in England and provides better long-term investment that renting.



You can buy real estate in England beginning with modern apartments to old fashion mansions. The most expensive area is south-east of the country, and the most affordable is north- west. However, you can find apartments for sale differing in price all over the country.

In England, property is divided in two categories: freehold, which means absolute ownership of land, where property is located, and leasehold, which means land for rent. Apartments in England are in the second category. The land belongs to another owner, to whom housemates must pay an annual rent of approximately 300 pounds per year.

Search process 

Finding property for sale in the UK can be a daunting task a top tip is to search both estate agent only listings and those being offered for sale by owner.

Internet searches are more advisable in the beginning. First you should do a preliminary search. Look through online resources and pick a few you like. You can find properties for sale in the UK online and its a great way to see what you can get with your monry. But if you’re serious about buying property in the UK you should head to There, you’ll find thousands of property offers. Using the search window you can easily find the house or flat of your dreams. The first step is to pick which house you are looking for. You can choose for sale or for rent. Than you can pick which property type you want. You can click on all real estate, flats, houses, commercials, or lands. If you want to find apartments in the UK in a certain region you can use additional searches for that particular area. Searches by price and area are also available. Depending on the type of property and its location, prices fluctuate from the hundreds of thousands of pounds to a few million. If money is a problem, you can sort ads by price. The first offers you see will be the cheapest. Number of bedrooms can also be chosen in the search box.

Should you buy property in England?

The UK property market is considered to be the most stable in the world. In England, the purchase of real property is quite a simple process, although the completion of necessary documents takes time. Beside the cost of property, one should also consider agent service fees and payment of a stamp duty tax calculated on 4% of the property value. Inexpensive houses in the UK are always in high demand from people and investors all over the world.

Cost of buying a property in England

There are numerous fees to take into account including:

  • Mortgage arrangement fee. Expect to pay your lender an arrangement fee. They vary but £1,000 is typical.
  • Valuation fee. This is the fee lenders charge for a valuation to check the property exists and that it also offers sufficient security for the loan.
  • Legal fees. . If you pay for your own conveyancing, you're looking at about £500-£800, depending on purchase price.
  •  Stamp duty. Buy a property for more than £125,000 and you're likely to have to pay a percentage of its price to the taxman.
  •  Surveys. These are another costly aspect to any purchase, with a typical survey costing £400 to £700. Many people pay for surveys on purchases that fall through, so budget for two or three.

Beside the cost of buying property, one should also consider agent service fees, which for a seller can be up to 2% of the selling price.  Auctions can be the place to find inexpensive houses in the UK/ These are always in high demand from homebuyers and investors all over the world.

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