Turning a Fixer Upper into a Money Saving Home


Are you getting ready to purchase a new home? Does the home need a little work? Whether it needs a few minor repairs or a major remodel, making changes that will improve the home’s value is definitely a worthy investment–especially if those changes will save you money in the long run! Here are a few upgrades that will turn your fixer-upper into a charming home that you can be proud of. 

Awnings and Solar Screens 

Finding ways to improve the aesthetics of your home is important. It allows you to boost curb appeal and creates an environment that is welcoming to guests and family members. One way to do this is to consider adding an awning to your back porch or deck area. A retractable awning, like those offered by Eclipse Awning Systems, is ideal because it can be installed and used on days when the weather requires it while not getting in the way on days when you want to enjoy some sunshine. Having a retractable awning allows you to enjoy worry-free entertaining. 

Solar screens are also an option. They help keep the sun’s rays from damaging your furniture, antiques, and flooring. They also offer insulation in the summertime, helping to reduce air temperature and prevent your air conditioner from working overtime to cool the home. 

Upgrading HVAC

If you’re working on a fixer-upper, there is a good chance that the structure is not up to code. A good place to start correcting that is with the electrical and HVAC systems. Have an electrician come out and do a complete inspection to ensure that the home is operating on the proper circuitry. 

Next, take a look at your heating and cooling systems. Now is the best time for an upgrade. Hire an HVAC to help you choose and install an efficient system that will help keep your house at the right temperature year round. 

Proper Insulation

With the upgrades we’ve talked about so far, you’re well on your way to turning your fixer-upper into a nice home. Before you finalize the plans for installation, however, make sure your home is properly insulated. Blown-in cellulose, rolled batt insulation and SPF insulation in cracks and crevices will help create an airtight space throughout your home. Proper insulation helps your upgrades work more efficiently. The end result will be a substantial cost-savings throughout the year on your utility bills and much less wear and tear on your HVAC and electrical systems. 

Making Your Home a Little Smarter

Once you’ve put some money into your home, you’ll want to protect it. Theft, fire, accidental flooding, and carbon monoxide leaks can be devastating to any home–especially a newly remodeled home. A smart hub connected to your electronics, outlets, and computer systems can help notify you instantly if there is a temperature change or if a flood is detected. You can also use a smart hub to control lights and appliances. A smart security and monitoring system is also important because that will show you what’s going on at home and in your yard even though you may be miles away from home. 

Get your fixer-upper in the best shape ever. Use these tips to build a home that in addition to something you can be proud of, will work for you and become a solid investment for your future. 

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