Top 6 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Attracting Buyers


The real estate market is highly competitive, with a considerable number of sellers posting their homes on various websites like Gumtree Real Estate. If you’re listing your house but buyers aren’t jumping at the chance to purchase it, it’s important to get to the bottom of why your house isn’t selling so you can modify your selling methods.

There may also be a problem with the current buyers. For instance, millennials are slowly dominating the workforce today although a majority of them are still unable to afford a house because of various reasons. For those who do want a home, they may consult a great home loan guide, which will enable them to at least have enough money to place a down payment.

Aside from the buyer-centered factor, here are six reasons why your home isn’t attracting potential buyers:

1. The price is too high

Price is one of the primary considerations of purchasing a home. Most buyers would avoid expensive homes especially if they are situated in remote locations due to possible added expenses like travel and gas. In order to get your house to sell, you need to properly price your home or hire a professional real estate agent to do the math for you.

Some sellers would resort to tricking customers into pricing schemes that make the clients think they’re paying less when they’re actually just quoted a partial fee. This is common practice but it’s not a good one as your client would soon find out and feel cheated, which may have negative consequences.

2. The house might be too unique

Everyone wants to buy a home they can call their own. People tend to look for homes that best suit their lifestyle and personality. However, if you have a unique taste in aesthetics, you may find it hard to sell your homes because of any of the following reasons:

 Your house is very high end and would require high maintenance.

 Your house is located in a very unusual area that’s hard to find or access.

 Your house has features that don’t accommodate a practical lifestyle, such as a pool or a huge garden.

You can still remedy these situations by changing the way you list your house. To entice the right kind of customers, consider highlighting unconventional features as unique or add your listing on sites that offer niche properties instead of the usual retail sites.

3. Unappealing staging

While it’s true that people are looking for a house and the furniture shouldn’t matter, it doesn’t give you the excuse to post cluttered rooms, dusty floors, and blank areas in your listing. Whether you like it or not, people’s first impressions are important deciding factors, so you should make sure your staging is superb.

A properly staged home with tasteful features and fixtures often sell 17% more on average than a nonstaged home. Staged homes are also 95% also likely to sell in 11 days or less. This doesn’t mean, though, that you have to spend a fortune on decorating – making a few key changes, such as cleaning the house, upgrading some fixtures, and adding simple but elegant decor pieces, can transform your home from drab to fab almost instantly.

4. Your curb appeal isn’t impressive

Curb appeal refers to the impact of your home’s exterior, which includes the yard, garage, garden, and landscaping. As people don’t want to buy a house that looks rundown and abandoned, a few changes should definitely be in order to make your property more appealing on the outside. This includes fixing any broken fences, repainting your garage door, adding a few plants to a garden, or hiring a professional landscaper to get your yard looking great.

5. Your listing photos look unprofessional

If there’s one thing we learn from buyers is that first impressions mean everything. In short, if your photos in the listing look like poorly lit phone shots, no one is going to be tempted to ask more information from your listing. That doesn’t mean you have to purchase an expensive camera, though; in fact, making artistic choices like taking photos in daylight or borrowing a professional camera from a friend would work just fine.

6. You’re getting nonprofessional advice

A lot of people have opinions on various things, and they may not be always correct especially if they are not licensed or equipped with the right knowledge. However, if you suspect that you’re not getting any offers because of bad advice from nonprofessionals, you may want to consider hiring a professional realtor instead.

Their advice would immensely help you in the following areas:

Pricing your house right

Staging your home

Knowing how to market the house

Featuring the highlights of the house

Selling the home to the right buyers

Final Thoughts

Selling a house can be challenging especially if there are similar spaces for sale in your area. Considering that image is everything, one can increase the number of bidders for your home if you’re willing to invest in some upgrades and physical changes. Additionally, hiring a professional realtor is incredibly helpful as they are knowledgeable about the market and can help you with every aspect – from making your house more appealing for buyers to closing a sale.


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