Things to Consider If You Want to Purchase A Home in Murfreesboro TN



Having to move to a new town and call it home can be terrifying at times. Especially if you have little to no knowledge of the area you intend to move to. And if Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is one of the towns on your list that you are considering as an option, you’ve hit the right button.

Read this article as we outline things to consider if you want to move to Murfreesboro, TN. To solidify your moving plans, use this article as a guide to determine whether moving to Murfreesboro, TN fits your needs. 

Things to Consider If You Want to Buy a Property in Murfreesboro T

The name Murfreesboro is a little uncommon. You may ask how they obtained it. Cannonsburgh is the original name of the city, after Tennessee statesman Newton Cannon.

However, it was renamed afterward to honor Colonel Hardy Murfree. However, Murfreesboro can be a mouthful, and that is why the majority of residents simply refer to it as “The Boro.”

The city is well underway with a community-wide plan of more than 20 years, with initiatives covering transportation, neighborhood development, housing, parks and recreation, historic preservation, public facilities, economic revitalization, and many other areas.

And if any of these are prime considerations for you, then Murfreesboro might be a great location.

1. A Little About Murfreesboro’s Geography

First up, let’s have a look at the geography of Murfreesboro. The city of Murfreesboro can rightfully claim to be Tennessee’s geographic center.

The official location on Old Lascassas Pike is marked by a monument made of stone, so you can say that you are the centerpiece of everything by standing in that specific spot.

Despite not having a sizable central business district, Murfreesboro does have Main Street, and this is where residents congregate in the area of the square for community activities.

Festivals like Night Live during the weekend and Jazz Fest are held there too.

2. Quality Of Life In Murfreesboro TN

Murfreesboro is known as one of the greatest cities that promotes the importance of quality life for its locals. This is practically the motto of Murfreesboro, which you may not have heard, but you should keep in mind that the quality of life is incomparable.

They rarely appear on the national radar, but the effort they put into honing their purpose is precisely what earned them a spot in Money magazine’s list of the top 100 places to live.

3. Everyone Supports the Raiders By Law

Middle Tennessee State University is located in Murfreesboro. You’ll have to get used to living in a busy college town, as the largest educational institution in Tennessee has a student body of about 25,000.

But do not fret. It’s always bustling with life due to fun-filled events that circulate among locals too. And hence, you will never have a dull moment when you settle down in Murfreesboro TN.

4. Local Cuisine in Murfreesboro TN

There are plenty of good farmer’s markets in this area. The weekend market sells the freshest and most locally produced goods, and food enthusiasts who prefer natural elements in their diet will enjoy it because they get a taste of freshness in their meals. This market is held in the square along Main Street during the summer months.

Speaking of the local markets, you are certainly going to come across places that let you try your hands at making pizza. Interestingly, it’s a common thing to do in Murfreesboro, TN.

5. Broadway Is No Comparable To The Boro

Concerts, dances, magic shows, theatrical productions, and other forms of entertainment are all brought to Murfreesboro through the Murfreesboro Center for the Arts.

Since 1962, the Murfreesboro Little Theatre has enlivened the stage with younger audiences. As a matter of fact, the annual FolkFest offers the chance to watch music, performances, and dances from all over the world.

Hence, in terms of cultural events, you can definitely be assured that Murfreesboro, TN, has a lot of diverse events and fun activities that you can for sure get involved in and get to see an amazing community filled with fun and enjoyment.

6. You Can Be a Little Flash Gordon

If Broadway isn’t what you prefer, we can assure you that there are tons of physical athletic activities in Murfreesboro as well. Athletes from around the world come to the city of Murfreesboro to run in the Murfreesboro Half Marathon.

If longer runs aren’t for you, you don’t have to worry at all. As there are shorter runs available for adults and children alike, In addition to that, the city’s Fleet Feet training group is a vibrant and close-knit group of runners who may assist you in quickly reaching your half-marathon objective, and you could actually end up having a great time.

7. Transportation Facilities

The city’s public transportation system has a new and significant appearance that is dissimilar to most cities. The Rover system contains vivid green buses that can accommodate up to 16 passengers at once and will transport you through six city corridors. Hence, you will not have to worry about transportation when you relocate to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


Overall, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is an amazing town to live in, with a lot of things to offer that will make your move worthwhile. We hope that this guide has been resourceful for you to make that decision of whether you want to buy a property in Murfreesboro, TN, and move into your dream home.

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