The Best States to Find the Best Properties

When you are out looking for a new home to move into, you need to consider a few factors first. Aside from gathering the needed resources to start investing in a piece of property, you will also need to know where to start looking. For sure, this is something you will want to keep in mind as you scour the market for the best deals.


Affordability and volatile market conditions will surely make the whole experience extra difficult. Your best bet, in this case, is to look for cities where you can seamlessly search for the properties that suit your needs.

With that being said, here are just some of the best cities for real estate shopping in the United States, arranged in no particular order.

1. Oregon

You can never go wrong with settling along the West Coast. Looking beyond sunny California where home prices are outrageously high, Oregon would certainly pass for a nice and cozy place to settle in. The best thing about it is that home values are currently experiencing an upswing, especially in the progressive city of Portland. But if hitting the city’s coffee shops is not your thing, you can always look for properties that are close to nature. For instance, you can find Bend Oregon real estate along a river or near a hill where you can get your daily fill of the fresh scent of pine trees.

2. Utah

Another important figure of the Wild West, Utah is currently progressing in terms of home valuation. This is partly due to its well-educated populace which has helped in attracting investors into cities, particularly in its capital. Zillow has in fact regarded the Utah real estate market as very healthy, with home values surging 4.8 percent the following year. Aside from relishing in the Old West, you might as well embrace how much the state has developed over the years.

3. Tennessee

Going down south, we can find decent old country homes that will certainly make it likely for you to purchase properties there. Tennessee is one such state that has both cultural and economic importance. Mix these two together, and you are left with a state that provides the best that the South has to offer. Having one of the country’s highest employment rates, Tennessee is certainly an attractive place to settle in.

4. Texas


Aside from Tennessee, of course, we shouldn’t leave the great state of Texas out of the equation. It’s one state you will find the best cities with robust real estate markets. For a start, you can search for houses in San Antonio, where median home prices could barely breach the $300,000 mark. Added to this is the fact that migration will further drive home values upwards, turning this state into a haven for the best housing deals.

5. Hawaii

Savor the life on the Pacific by relocating to Hawaii. Despite being distant from the mainland, this island chain can still maintain a strong presence in the real estate market. In the past year for instance, median home sales in Honolulu have had steady increases in value. Getting there might be expensive, but you will instantly forget all this trouble after you have actually settled down.

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