The Best States to Buy Land



When the pandemic first spread across the United States, many people began pondering moving to the middle of nowhere. When we weren’t going into work or socializing, it was difficult to justify living in crowded, expensive cities. People began to think about their options. One option is to sell your home or stop paying overpriced rent and move to another state. When you want to find the right piece of land and home, here are the best states where you can invest and purchase some space for peace of mind.


They say that everything is bigger in Texas. This is kind of true. Texas has so much land where you can carve out your own world. Not only is land affordable in the Lone Star State, but there is also no state tax. When it comes to Texas, finding the right location is instrumental to making the right investment. Depending on your goal, buying a lot of land, and developing it can be both a lucrative and enjoyable move. Do you want to change your life and make some space for you and your family? It is tough to beat the prices in Texas, where you can buy tons of land for cheap.


Another affordable state to buy land in Missouri. Not only is the land affordable, so is the standard of living. Missouri’s economy is growing and all kinds of companies are hiring. It is also a family-friendly place to live. You can afford to buy a big house for the entire family. Everyone will be comfortable and content with more space for themselves and the whole group. When you are looking for Missouri home loans, you will be surprised at how much you can afford. Buy a beautiful home and create a sanctuary for you and your loved ones. Missouri is an underrated place to do it!


Florida is a place where both the young and the old go to live in the sunshine. The real estate market is much more dynamic in Florida than Texas or Missouri, but it is a great place to invest in some land. If you can afford to buy a property with land in a beautiful area, building it up can be the best move monetarily and emotionally. Florida is a gorgeous place where you can find your own piece of paradise. Florida isn’t big, but there are some abandoned areas of it. You might not be able to afford a large piece of land in Miami, but if you can find the right area you could live out the evening of your life in Florida.


There is probably no state more beautiful than Montana. Every corner of this huge state is gorgeous. There aren’t many people, but the purple mountains, big sky, and amazing wildlife will make you fall in love with the state. Land is also quite affordable in Montana. It is about $2,000 an acre. This is compared to a place like New Jersey, where land costs around $200,000 an acre. What a difference! Whoever you are when you spend some time in Montana you will never want to leave. It is a magical place. Nowhere else is like it.


Besides Las Vegas, Nevada has tons of unused land. There aren’t that many people who live in the state. It is large, with a small population overall. There’s Reno, but outside of these cities you can find land as affordable as it is in Montana. It’s also beautiful. The desert can be incredible. It is awe-inspiring. When you buy a plot of land in Nevada, you will be able to enjoy the quiet of the desert landscape and the opportunity to develop the plot.

The above states aren’t the only places where you can buy affordable land, but they are some of the best. You can find wide open spaces, peace and quiet, and a place to create an environment wholly your own. When you are looking to purchase some land and use it to live a meaningful life, there are plenty of states where you can find just what you are looking for.

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