How Florida Cash Home Buyers Operate




There are a lot of people out there who are looking for a house to purchase in Florida, but you’ve had yours on the market for months and haven’t had a single solid offer come in. Selling your home quickly might be a challenge, and the LAST thing you need is more stress thinking about how you’re going to close the deal.


What if you’re in danger of losing your house to foreclosure, dealing with stressful divorce negotiations, or on the verge of foreclosure?


You might also be inheriting an unwanted property.


For whatever reason, selling a home isn’t a simple process, and even under the best circumstances, it’s still costly, time-demanding, and annoying.


Your best bet would be to seek professional help from Florida Cash Home Buyers.

Why Trust Florida Homeowner Solutions?


They have been operational in South Florida since 2003, helping thousands of homeowners in need. Their experience in this field gives them the comfort to handle any situation imaginable. In some cases, though, the lender may not accommodate an alternative approach towards sorting your issue. If that is the case, you can count on Florida Homeowner Solutions to develop an alternative that may involve either selling the house or buying it in cash.


Many Floridians are finding that the conventional home-selling procedure is ineffective these days. It’s important to keep in mind that whether you sell your property through a broker or do it yourself, the buyer will likely have certain expectations.


That implies they won’t make an offer until you’ve completed all of the required repairs. What’s even worse is that as the seller, you’re nearly always required to pay both the buyer’s and your own realtor commissions in addition to the closing charges.


Harsh as it may seem, this is the reality. However, with Florida Homeowner Solutions, you will never be required to make expensive repairs or pay any fees, even when assisting you to retain your home. Also, you will never be charged any commission unless the best alternative is to market your property in order to sell retail. And If that’s the case, they’ll do their best to fetch the best prices available.


Their system makes it possible for homeowners to still sell their houses despite needing repairs.

 What Can Florida Homeowner Solutions Do for You?


They offer one of two solutions; they can either:

  1. Keep your home – Prepare a loan modification proposal for you and consult with you on it or.
  2. Buy your home – Regardless of whether you’re facing foreclosure, Florida Homeowner Solutions never charges a fee from their clients when acquiring a house. They cover all the costs and absolve you of any responsibility when renovating.


The other services they offer are:

  1. Free consultations for probate – under the unfortunate circumstance of untimely death by a loved one, the organization can assist you in getting cash for the property, all for free.
  2. In the event that they purchase your home, they will take care of the legal fees, leaving you with no reason to worry.


 What Happens When You Decide to Keep Your House?


The organization will provide consultation on loan modification. And if you’re wondering what it is, here’s a quick guide:


When you and your bank or mortgage company establish an agreement to alter the original conditions of your mortgage—the duration of the loan, the amount of the new payment, the interest rate, and so on—this is known as a loan modification. Even if your mortgage is adjusted, your monthly payment may not be decreased to a more manageable level for the term of the loan. Some banks/mortgage companies may only cut your payment for a few years before increasing it again.

 When Should You Consider a Loan Modification?


  • When you cannot refinance your loan due to a large number of missing payments.
  • If you were jobless for a while, but you now have six months of work experience.
  • When you are many months late on your mortgage payments or are on the verge of falling behind.


 What Does the Loan Modification Process Entail?


  1. Your lender permits you to apply for the Loan Modification
  2. You will be required to provide the following:

  1. A Request for Mortgage Assistance Form
  2. A complete and signed IRS Form 4506-T or 4506-T EZ
  3. Your most recent signed and filed Federal Tax Return
  4. Most recent paystubs
  5. Bank statements
  1. The Loan Modification Package is reviewed by the lender. The process of modification should take no more than 2-3 months. Regrettably, many banks have made obtaining a Loan Modification somewhat more complicated than it should be. Certain banks will only accept customers who are two to three months behind on their mortgage payments, even though Federal standards make this explicit. Your lender may continually “misplace” your papers or claim that you never sent the needed documents. This is to deplete your home’s equity. While you are submitting a Loan Modification application, the bank is removing YOUR equity. They collect late fees, fines, interest, and, on occasion, attorney’s costs.


 What Happens When You Decide to Sell the House?


Florida Homeowner Solutions greatly eases the process of selling your home for cash in Florida. They exempt you from dealing with unpleasant buyers or realtors, making any repairs, or paying any fees whatsoever!

Typical House Selling Process


The standard approach for selling a house that most homeowners follow is rather straightforward. It entails hiring a local real estate agent to analyze your house, determine a fair selling price, and develop professional marketing strategies to attract prospective buyers. However, this technique may be too time demanding for you. Additionally, the buyer may back out of the transaction, causing you to restart the selling process.


Why Sell Your Home for Cash


Selling for cash is, however, easier. You will not need the services of a real estate agent; instead, you will contact Florida Homeowner Solutions directly. They’ll function as your realtor, appraising your house and determining a fair cash offer based on market value.


Once they’ve presented you with their cash offer and you accept it, you may opt to close at your convenience. Throughout the procedure, you remain in control.

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