Factors to consider when buying off the plan


When buying an off-the-plan apartment one should not be in a rush, there are some factors to consider. Buying an off-the-plan apartment is like a type of rite of passage for most building homeowners in major cities. The following are the thing to consider when looking at off the plan properties.

Construction Company

When looking for off the plan apartment one should always look for a reputable builder. Also, look for a trusted person who is experienced rather than a construction firm which is running their first rodeo. Also, look at the pictures to ensure the final product matches what is in the display. Having knowledge of Construction Company that built the apartment ensures the client that the investment will appreciate with time.

Investigate the surrounding

When investigating the location of the off the plan property here are the things to consider;

Be attentive to the demographics of the location as the development of the area can affect the property’s value.
Investigate the area in terms of infrastructure.
What advantages the apartment might have over the apartment you are looking for.
What developments are in the area?
What else is in that area that has the same value as the apartment that one is looking for?
Look at what’s on offer structurally

When looking for buyers the display suits are always flashy to attract more customers. Buyers should be concerned with the following when looking for off-the-plan apartments for sale in Melbourne, Australia!

Look at the attached financial facilities like supermarket, café and medical centers that can add value to the property.

Ensure there is no much difference from what is on display.
If buying a garage, car space ensure it is marked and tight in the contract.
Add the value to your apartment

Negotiate on the available term and what else one can get off the plan. Buying this way helps individuals to purchase something with extra storage and joinery at the end.

Forecast for future value

It is important for the buyer to know that when they are purchasing an off the plan apartment, they are paying for a forecasted figure on that development. They should always determine if the forecasted price was worth once the apartment is complete. One should look if the area will grow well in a short period to make sure the money is doubled.

How to tell if it’s worth

One should conduct research if the area has grown. Buy good floors with space and natural lights. Final things to consider when looking for the first off the plan apartment:

Focus on what the apartment is worth rather than what was told.
When the developer lowers the price one should be determined to know what was the reason
If the property is being sold on rental returns the buyer should be clearly beware
The above factors should be considered in off-the-plan apartments for sale in Melboune, Australia!


When looking for off the plan apartment research, go through the websites and be armed with the necessary information. This helps the buyers to determine areas with off the plan properties and it also wise to consider the above factors before purchasing an apartment.



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