Buying a lot on Ontario – Your first step to building your new house


Regardless of whether you yearn for the privacy which is offered by a piece of land in the country premises or you’ve caught your eyes on a small residential lot in Ontario, buying your own piece of vacant lot and building a house is a dream for most of us. There can be no better thrilling feeling than owning a few acres of land and having the discretion of building up your home in the way you had been dreaming of. But at the same time you have to remember that buying a lot is different from buying a condo or a house.

Even though you may be familiar with the process of constructing homes but an undeveloped piece of land can definitely hold too many surprises which may determine what you can build and what you can’t. Check out few important things you should know before buying vacant land in Ontario, Canada.

▪          Is the vacant lot zoned for constructing residential property?

Most of the municipal regulations which have an impact on properties are usually related to zoning and the acceptable ways in which a piece of land can be used. Most of the municipalities have bylaws which designate areas which might have developed for residential purposes while choosing areas for commercial or agricultural uses. You have to know what is allowed and what is prohibited before signing the deal with the seller.

▪          Is nearby property zoned for uses that are not residential?

If the nearby area is zoned for non-residential purposes, you might find business organizations, factories and industries being built in your neighborhood. Do a bit of research on the consequences before taking the plunge in buying a lot in Ontario.

▪          Is the place where you’re buying a land a historic district?

If it is a historic district, make sure you check the restrictions or control which you have over bringing about changes to your home. Usually it is seen that homes in historic districts can require committee approval for any kind of changes to the exterior of the property.

▪          Is the location safe?


The site of the property may have a splendid view overlooking a cliff but would you want to have a backyard cliff when you have children in your home? Nearby water sources can lead to hazards like drowning, especially among kids and children. Is the site of the lot a high traffic area? Are there trains nearby the property? Are there any kinds of dangerous industries? Is hunting allowed nearby? These are few considerations you need to take into account.

▪          Is there a neighborhood association?

If you see there is a neighborhood association, you might have to pay a membership fee once in a year for common services. Make sure you know about the services which are included in the condo association fees.

So, now that you know the things to consider before buying a vacant lot in Ontario, make sure you don’t forget to consider them before buying the property.

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