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The average selling price of a house in London is around £550,000. Fair enough? That’s the price you pay for living in the country’s capital, being near major businesses, schools, malls and great sights. That’s about double the average price of houses from the rest of England and Wales which are around £270,000. You can bag a place in London if you have £600,000 in the bank, and if you have business in London, buying is much better than renting as rental costs are shooting up as well.

Consider this studio flat in Knightsbridge, London. At £599,950, it’s just £50 shy from the 600,000 mark. But at that price, it has 113 square feet of floor space and a lot of storage space thanks to its smart layout, plus it has a nice view of Harrods opposite of the street. Shopping and dinner? Just a few paces away.


West of this studio flat, for £600,000, a full home can be purchased in the form of a town house in Newlyn, Cornwall which features a total of six, count them, six bedrooms and a harbor-side view of St Michaels Mount. A great bonus is its seaside location. Though it’s not London, it’s close enough to the capital so the money should be worth it.


A more stunning home can be nabbed for much less. At a fair amount of £439,950, you can nab this five-bedroom detached home located in Beck Lane, Gainsborough. If you prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of jolly old London, this is the place for you. The quiet relaxing setting of the Lincolnshire villages should be an added bonus.


Another great place, just 30 minutes commute away from London, earlier in your own vehicle, is this four-bedroom semi-detached home in Woking. You probably wouldn’t mind 30 minutes in exchange for this whole charming house just worth £500,000. The short distance is a good compromise to owning a full home out of London versus the cost of moving to a small London-based flat. Resale would be easier and more profitable for homes such as these as compared to selling homes in London with agency fees charging for up to 2% of the profits.

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