7 Tips for Moving Into Your New Home as Fast as Possible


7 Tips for Moving Into Your New Home as Fast as Possible

One of the most critical elements of a speedy transition to a new home is to prepare as early as you possibly can. Formulating a system and sticking to it will speed up the process significantly. The ability to adapt will also minimize the issues that will undoubtedly arise when you least expect them. Here are seven tips for moving into your new home as fast as possible.

1.  Declutter and Downsize

It will be impossible to get a fair quote until you know how much you will need to move to your new home. It is advisable to declutter and downsize so that you have a realistic idea of what services you will need. It is the ideal time to sell furniture, have a yard sale, or donate your furniture to a local charity.

2.  Prepare a Checklist


The United States Department of Transportation provides a checklist with the essentials that will make your move easier to accomplish. Remember that moving happens in stages. Doing them one at a time will help families prepare for such an event. The recommendations promote consumer safety, security, and self-help guidelines of your rights and responsibilities.

3.  Rent Furniture


If you lack access to furniture, you can research rental furniture options that will instantaneously prepare your home for move-in. You can choose only one room, such as a living area or the bedroom, or you can rent furniture for the entire house. If you are relocating and need more information about San Francisco furniture rental availability, contact us so that we can help make your next move feel effortless.

4.  Research Moving Companies


It is advisable to request three quotes from various moving companies. Before you research, check their quotes to look for hidden costs, fuel tax, or equipment fees. Take the time also to study the company by its reviews and rating by the Better Business Bureau.

5.  Gather Supplies


You will need sturdy boxes, packing tape, and labels. You can get packing supplies from your mover, or you can pick up some boxes at your local grocery or department stores. You need to ensure that you get enough supplies so that it does not cause a delay after the packing and loading begins.

6.  Pack Efficiently and Label Boxes


You should pack efficiently. Folding causes wrinkles but bundling the clothes reduces space and volume. As you fill your boxes, you need to place labels on them with room designation or family members’ names. It will make the move-in easier to finish. As you complete filling your boxes, put them in one location so that you know where everything is when it is time to load the moving van.

7.  Call Ahead of Time to Place Utility Orders


If you do not place your orders for electric, gas, or cable, it will significantly add to the time of your move-in. It will also add to your costs as you will have to secure secondary housing until the essentials are turned on. Contact both the old and new companies about a week in advance to make sure they have time to get out on your move dates.

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