7 reasons why you should consider condo living


If you are a newlywed and are ready to own your own home but you cannot afford to purchase a single-family home, you should consider condo living. Condo living avoids many of the headaches and the conflicts involved in single home ownership. If you are considering buying a condo but you are still on the fence, you should consider all of the benefits of owning a condo.

1. Condo Living Is Cost Effective

If you look at local listings in your area, the cost of a two bedroom home and a two bedroom condo are very different. The cost of a condo would be much lower than the cost of a single-family home. To learn more about condo floor plan prices, visit http://the1yongecondos.com/floor-plans-prices/.

When you live in a single-family home, you would be responsible for caring for your yard, handling the snow removal, and making any other outdoor repairs. When you live in a condo, none of these things would be your responsibility. This can save you the time and the cost of doing the job yourself. If you move into a condo development in Toronto, Ontario, you could save a great deal of money.

 2. More Bonding Time With Your New Spouse

When you live in a single-family home, you might need to work more hours to cover the mortgage. This will keep you away from your spouse. If you are planning to buy a single-family home in the suburbs and you work in the city, you will need to commute to work, which will also take you away from your spouse. There are many condos that are located near business districts, which would result is a shorter commute. Finally, many condos have tennis courts, swimming pools, and entertainment rooms, giving you a chance to have fun and bond with your new spouse.

3. Condo Security Makes You Feel Safe

A home burglary occurs every 15 seconds. If you purchase a single family home and you want to feel safe, you would need to install a security system, cameras, and a fence. When you live in a condo, these things would all be in place when you move in. Also, your condo will have fire safety precautions in place as well a system designed for catastrophes. Finally, there are some condo boards who pay for security guards to patrol the area.

 4. Celebrate With Family and Friends

When people get married, they want to celebrate their new life together. If you live in a single-family home, it might not be large enough for everyone on the guest list. This means taking everyone out for an expensive dinner that you might not be able to afford. If you buy a condo, you can use the function room and have a great dinner. You can also invite friends with children over to enjoy the condo swimming pool with you.

5. You Can Be Close To Nature Even In the City

Most people want to be close to nature from time to time. Sitting outside with your new spouse after a long day can be nice. There are many condos that feature green grass and trees in the courtyard or in a zen garden. If you are worried about moving into a condo because you won’t be close to nature, don’t. Most condos have plenty of nature all around.

6. Exercise Facilities


If you buy a single family home and you want to workout, you would need to either buy a gym membership and drive to the gym every day or spend a great deal of money on gym equipment for your home. If you move into a condo, you would have unlimited access to the on-site exercise facility. This is a free, convenient way to stay fit.

7. Build Friendships Within the Community

One of the biggest benefits of living in a condo is the friends that you can make in the community. You will have the opportunity to get to know other young couples who could become your lifelong friends.

If you are like most newlyweds, you may not have much money. The best way to be a homeowner and still have time together is to buy a condo.

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