4 Reasons Why A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Is A Great Idea

Before buying a home it’s always worth the investment of ordering a building inspection to be carried out. Such an inspection provides a number of advantages including spotting pest infestations, structural damage and can determine the cost of much needed repairs. If you’re still on the fence about ordering a building inspection before buying a home, then check out the following points:

Structural Damage

The home you are planning to buy might have structural damage that not even the current owner of the home knows about. It would be disastrous to buy a home, that a few years down the line needs major repairs. That’s especially true if you do not have the budget to carry out any expensive repairs.

With a new home structural damage might not be a problem, but any homes that have at least 20-30 years on them should be assessed. For example, wooden homes that have received wood rot, or a termite infestation could be years away from being unsafe to live in.

Cost Of Repairs & Home Decor

Buying a home that is broken down can be a good idea. That’s because it will sell for a relatively cheap amount, and the money saved can be used on the repairs. However, you need to know how much the repairs will be, and what repairs are needed. This allows you to set a timeline for the project, and the amount of money you’ll need to spend.

A building survey can provide an accurate estimate of how much money will need to be spent for repairs and home decor. Furthermore, you can save money on the repairs by buying cheaper building materials using the vouchers at VoucherBin. They offer vouchers for home décor, building material and many more from various vendors like Dunelm, HomeBase etc. This might allow you to complete the repairs and home decor as much as 10-20% cheaper than what the building report suggests.

Pest Infestations

Whilst viewing a home you’re interest to buy there is no way with certainty to know what the pest problem is like. The current homeowner might simply lie about the pest infestation history of the home in the hopes of getting a quick sale.

A pre-purchase building report can identify any pest that are currently present, or were there in recent years. The building report can also make recommendations regarding what needs to be done to remove any pest problems. To save money on pest control products you can visit VoucherBin.co.uk for a wide range of coupons.

Cheaper Home Insurance

When applying for home insurance you’ll need to prove that your home is in a good condition to get a lower rate. Having a building inspection report that verifies the structural health of your home is evidence that cannot be disputed by a home insurance agency.

In a way the cost of the building inspection can pay for itself, because you’ll be paying less for your home insurance. Just make sure that you select a building inspection service that is recognized nationally. This will reduce the chances of the insurance company rejecting the building report. 

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