3 Best Places for Property in Ulster County


Buyers use different approaches to find the ideal property in their preferred location. Some search for all the homes or commercial properties on sale in a specific area. If you use this approach, you will find all types of homes on sale in different parts of Ulster County, NY. The search is easier when you know the best places to live and work in the County. Your choice of location will determine the scenery and facilities that you will enjoy in your new home. We have listed some of the best places to live and work in Ulster County to simplify your search.

1. New Paltz, NY
New Paltz is considered as the gateway to Ulster County and is among the most popular places to live in the County. Many families move to the town because it has some of the best schools in New York. You will enjoy beautiful mountain views including the popular Shawangunk Mountain Range while living the town. New Paltz is an excellent choice for a new home if you want to keep your job in New York. The town is about one and a half hours from Manhattan. Another advantage of choosing this location is that you will save on taxes. New Paltz residents pay lower taxes than residents in other counties such as Westchester and Putnam.

2. Kingston, NY
Kingston ranks high among the best places for Ulster County NY real estate. The town is historic and popular as the former capital city of New York State. Kingston is among the few places in Ulster County that are considered very friendly to pedestrians. It is easy to get around the city with your family especially if you prefer to walk or cycle. The city has a wider variety of homes with different price ranges compared to other towns in the county. Kingston is an excellent destination for low-income families or buyers who wish to cut their spending on housing. If you are buying your first home, Kingston is the best place to start your search.

3. Saugerties, NY
Saugerties is located in the northern part of Ulster County and among the small towns in the country. The town is a perfect choice if you prefer a vibrant social life. Saugerties hosts many festivals throughout the year ranging from art galleries to fireworks displays. Your family will have a new festival to look forward to in every season. In addition, you enjoy the beautiful view of Catskills Mountains and the Hudson River. The town is a perfect location if you are looking for the conventional stone house or an old farmhouse. Such homes are in high demand in the area and hence you need to move fast whenever a home is advertised on the market.

Ulster County has some of the best places for real estate in New York. The ideal location will depend on the type of property that you are looking for and your lifestyle. The location will also depend on your budget. The market prices vary across towns depending on their features and popularity. With the list of best places for a property, you can compare prices and identify the property that fits your budget.

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