Why finding a clean Sydney apartment can be a challenge?

Many people want to live in Sydney. It’s one of the best city in the whole world to live in. It has forests, beaches, parks, museums, major art scenes plus you can commute via a ferry that gives you the moment to enjoy the beautiful sights of the city while you travel. It’s the city with the most population across Australia so it means that it’s the busiest. It’s also the most popular city for international students so if you want to study here, chances are you’ll meet a lot of people from all over the world and share different culture and stories. Yes, Sydney is popular for its famous Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera house. But aside from that, there are other beautiful tourist spots around the city. Sydney City Museum features rich Australian culture and history. You can also visit Cockatoo Island, Australia’s biggest shipyard. There is a lot to discover in Sydney and it’s not just for the tourists, locals enjoy it too all year round.

Sydney is considered by many migrants as a dream home. It just got it all going for everyone, students, single professional, and businessman and even for families. It has a lot to offer. If you want to move to Sydney, you have to see and experience the city first to ditch tough time finding a place to live in. There are rentals available for monthly, weekly or daily stay. So it’s important for you to know the details. Finding an apartment may be a challenge because there are just too many options. Factors like location, price, furnished or unfurnished should be considered. Plus there are many apartments in the city which will you find not comfortable to stay in. These are some factors why an ideal clean apartment is hard to find.

Apartments are not well maintained.

Many apartments get a paint retouch for walls and ceilings before every new tenant. If you inspect an apartment In Sydney and noticed discolorations on the walls and ceilings, plus there are peeling paints on it, it’s probably a warning. It means that the property owner is not taking good care of the unit. And if you have children moving in with you, peeling paint can be dangerous because it may be a lead-based paint so it’s considered to be a health hazard. Aside from walls and ceilings, everything must be also working well. Air conditioner, for example, should function well when you turn it on. Showers and faucets must work and there shouldn’t be leaks. Leaks can cause molds on the walls. If there are just too many minor issues, it means the landlord is not exerting enough efforts to keep the apartment well maintained. If the apartment is poorly maintained, you will have issues in the future. It’ll be hard to have them fixed and it’ll cost you.  If you decide to go for it despite the issues, just make an agreement with the landlord and have him sign the paper that states they have full awareness on the issues and they’ll fix it. This way, you won’t be held responsible for any maintenance issues at the end of the year or when you decide to move out.

Bugs and Pests

If there are bugs and pests in the property, that is a major problem. In most cities like Sydney, landlords must provide a livable residence for tenants. It’s their responsibility to amend if there are pests’ issues on the building or the unit itself. When you check an apartment before renting it, make sure to check the inside of the cabinets.  Also check the doors, windows, walls and even pipes. Make sure that they are sealed because it can be a way for tiny bugs to enter the home. If the apartment is old, common issues like separating window frames can be the entrance for most bugs and pests. If there are screens added to the windows and doors that would be good, for precaution purposes. We all know that it’s hard to keep bugs away. There are apartments with indoor or outdoor gardens. Just make sure that there is no shrubbery type of plants in it because this can attract a load of bugs. For extra assurance, a safe garden insecticide must be used. Kitchen and laundry room are the spots where pests usually hide. If there are pest droppings and evidence of traps, it’s probably best if you move on to your next apartment option.

Totally Unclean

When you visit an apartment for inspection and you noticed stained carpets and dirty hallways, it means property owner or manager just doesn’t care at all. Broken windows and overgrown lawn grass are bad signs. If they promise to hire home cleaning services in Sydney before you move in, just don’t take their word for it. But sometimes though, the issue is not about the landlord or the owner. It’s about the previous tenants. The reason why the apartment is very dirty and not ideal for re-rent is that the tenant doesn’t know how to keep the unit clean or they are just lazy. They are actually the landlord’s worst nightmare. Not only they cost more but they can bring down the value of a rental property. That is why it’s very important that landlords in Sydney mandate their tenants to have the property cleaned properly or get an end of lease cleaning service before leaving the unit. If the cleaning standards meet their expectations, that’s the only time to release the bond money to their tenants.

In looking for an apartment, you may want to prepare a checklist first before going on house hunting. Aside from budget and location, cleanliness should also be on top of your list. Do not rely on through your online search, you must also go out there and check the unit physically and watch out for the red flags. Remember that you’ve got tons of competitors in Sydney especially young people so you must act fast and find your dream apartment.



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