The Most Luxurious Neighbourhoods Around The World


Owning our own property in a luxury destination is a joy which cannot be expressed. It is one thing to visit a place and stay in a resort and it is another to actually own a property of your own. This gives you a sense of belonging. Most cities of the world have luxury home builders who can build you a luxurious home in the locality you desire.

Moving on, let us have a look at some of the most stunning places around the globe where you can buy your own property. 

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is Dubai’s heaven for travel enthusiasts. This man-made archipelago is built in the shape of a palm tree. From bird eye’s view, this structure is observed to be a 3-mile-long trunk and a fan of fronds lined with luxury villas and five-star hotels. From wildlife encounters to water-parks, to beach clubs and boozy brunches.If you wish to find villas to buy in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai then there are many real estate agents that can help you with the same

Miami Beach, Florida

Whether you adore the beaches, the city skyline or the palm trees set against the bright blue skies- Miami has got you covered. If you invest in a beach house on the Miami beach, it will be worth every penny. There are a very few beaches in the world that could compete with the sandy shores of Miami. Imagine waking up to the surreal sight of the bright blue sky reflecting upon the crystal clear water.

Chelsea, NY

Chelsea is one of the most cosmopolitan districts with people of every community. This area is full of unique stores, cute cafes, pubs, restaurants and tons of art galleries. The nightlife and energy of this town will leave you all charged up. When you own a penthouse in this ever-hustling- the bustling city you’re never going to have another dull moment.

Paris, France

The charm of Paris is everlasting. From the iconic Eiffel tower to the inviting sidewalk cafes, Paris will never fail to hypnotize you with its beauty. The gleaming boutiques and classy museums are places to die for. The people of Paris are beautiful, fashionable and most importantly very friendly.


When you think of beautiful places, Seychelles will definitely be on top of your list. This beach paradise is full of natural beauty and super friendly people. The fantastic cruise and food there will leave you stunned. It is a great idea to own a property of your own in this perfect destination for a calm and surreal getaway once in a while.

Aguas Calientes, Peru

The culture of Peru is something that makes it stand out from any other destination in the world. There are so many beautiful locations in the world where you can own a property and spend your vacation. Any nature lover is bound to fall in love with this natural paradise.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan is becoming a really fast rising tourist spot and a lot of people have their vacation homes there. The fantastic urban buzz and the amazing retail therapy options you can find in Tokyo is something to die for. The diverse landscaping and great infrastructure of the place are best for people who want peace along with a modern touch.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This unique destination is for two kinds of people- one who loves to party hard and are crazy for the nightlife and others who want to lay in the lap of nature and just have some time for themselves. This perfect combination of modernity and history makes it the perfect destination to enjoy your vacation stay at.

New York City, New York

If you prefer retail therapy and urban buzz as an ideal idea of your vacation, you should definitely invest in an apartment at Manhattan. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to buying a property at NYC. You can treat yourself with various Spa treatments, retail therapy or go and visit a few iconic places in NYC.

Udaipur, India

The culture, diverse landscapes and spices, make India a country like no other. Udaipur- also known as the city of lakes is one of the most visited destinations in the world. The beauty of the lakes and the exotic palaces make Udaipur the ideal destination to own a vacation villa at.

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