Some Tips for buying real estate in Perth


Buying real estate needs a good understanding of the market as well as the right and responsibilities of owning a home or property.

If the main purpose of buying a home is to rent the same, then keep in mind that there are certain legalities that need to be followed. Renting in Western Australia is governed by the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 and the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989. Getting a good real estate agent makes you safe as far as the legal considerations are concerned. Stella Settlements make the process of buying and selling a home easy and effortless. They provide a comprehensive range of Real Estate transactions across Perth, Western Australia.

When buying property, consider carefully the costs involved in making the investment. Taxes, Insurance, Strata fees are some of the costs that need to be considered. Assess the property carefully, In case additional costs like maintenance and repair need to be taken in account. It is a good idea to check back and see if some of the costs are tax deductible. Keep a record of expenses so it is easy to make a claim when tax is paid. In addition improvements to the property, such as painting or renovations can also be filed as expenditures and used for tax claim.

Do a good research of the market before making an investment. Check out the infrastructure around the property. Educational institutions, Commercial complexes add to the value of a property both in terms of rentals as well as selling. Keeping an eye out for future infrastructure developments, makes  the real estate investment a sound investment.

On the other hand if you are looking to buy coastal property, it is worth looking up the chosen location and and the effect of natural disasters like storms etc, near the area. Resale of the coastal real estate matters a lot on the proximity of the beach to the property, as well as shopping and community facilities nearby. Again check if the real estate has the potential to offer ocean views through building a second story, as this will increase the overall resale value.

When investing in real estate look out for additional benefits offered through packages. These can be benefits such as a fence, landscaping, impressive entrance etc. The outer area to the real estate has a lot to do with the resale value of the real estate. So bear that in mind when making the investment.

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