Real estate investments in Dubai


Invest and hold is the latest trend that prevails in Dubai’s property market. With the right tactics it is perfectly safe and a potentially a very profitable way to invest in real estate in Dubai.  Understanding and investing in a market that changes every moment is a challenge but past experience has proven that property value growth directly links with the location of that property and the circumstances that the local property market faces. Dubai is one of a select few geographic locations that are rapidly gaining importance among real estate investors and the general population around the globe. International top of the range infrastructure, safety of life and tax-free property has further convinced investors to participate in this golden opportunity. The larger the market, the larger the risks are therefore we need to completely understand the market and the risks involved. Here are 7 things to consider in order to avoid a financial mishap.

1 – Try your best to avoid short-term investments. While you hope to double your investment by selling your property but you aren’t able to sell it, don’t blame the market.

2 – Investors expect high returns in Dubai thinking that the emerging market will go in their favor. In order to make your wishes come true you must get yourself updated with the trends of market and trends that prevail among local and international investors and invest your money accordingly.

3 – If you fear running short of money, invest in stocks rather than property. Property can give you a much higher reward but it requires an initial significant investment.

4 – The market is a mixture of multiple aspects and factors. Consider each one of them wisely and don’t invest until it feels satisfactory.

5 – Invest and hold is the prevailing successful tactic in Dubai’s property market. Invest and hold the property until it matures to the desired limit and then sell.

6 – Dubai, being a region free from political instability and free of any tax, offers property at lower prices and in a safe manner.

7 – In case of new developments, developers can’t start their work until they receive 20% of the property value so you can’t expect your investment to mature until the developer runs his machines over the land. In order for your property to mature quickly you should invest accordingly. 

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