Best homes you can buy in Melbourne


Melbourne is expanding rapidly, with almost 2000 people moving to this highly liveable city every week. Therefore, although the well-known areas continue to be popular amongst home buyers, many completely new or formerly industrial locations are undergoing significant transformation to become the newest residential hotspots. So if you are buying today, what should you look for? See below for our tips on what to look out for when seeking your next home whether it be a house and land package in Melbourne or a dual occupancy home design close to the CBD. 

Public transport

Despite Australia traditionally being a car loving nation, fuel prices and road congestion means that accessibility will become an even more significant issue for Melbournians in the not so distant future. When looking for a new house therefore, one of the key questions should be: does it have adequate public transport links to get me where I need to go? Importantly, this may not necessarily mean is it easy to get to Melbourne CBD, especially if you do not work in that area. So consider the areas you frequent most regularly and whether there is an ability to reach them by train, tram or even bus. Of course as services improve, better coverage will reach throughout Melbourne, but if you need transport in the short to medium term, best to buy in an area with established or almost completed infrastructure, rather than waiting for that ‘proposed’ rail station.

Services and Amenities

Try to buy in an area that is near doctors, schools, shopping, or whatever it is you need to function at your best. If you’re budget conscious, this may mean prioritising what services you require the most and seeking an area that provides them, rather than trying to buy in a well serviced, but more expensive area. This point could also extend to your position within a certain suburb. If you regularly attend the local library, being closer to that side of town will save you time, or perhaps if you enjoy a decent walk to the supermarket for daily exercise, factor this into your search parameters when you are looking for a home to best suit your lifestyle. The key is to do a quick brainstorm before you house hunt in order to determine what services and amenities you wish to be near.

Greenery/Public Space


Although not essential to everyone, green space is consistently touted as beneficial to mental and physical wellbeing. So if you don’t have the luxury of a backyard, select a home that has access to an outdoor space nearby so you can have a little getaway when needed. Fortunately, master planned communities and new apartment buildings are increasingly recognising the value of breakout and communal spaces within their designs. Furthermore, public spaces that offer casual gathering places are also great ways to reengage your local community and get out of the house which adds to your experience of living in a certain neighbourhood, so look out for these also.

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