8 Reasons to live in Barbados


Let’s face it; winter is coming closer and closer, nights are getting longer, days are getting shorter and, worst of all, the weather is getting colder. That is, unless you live in a more tropical climate, where it is sunny and warm all year round- and you don’t have to worry about the cost of your monthly heating bill. 

Expats who opt to live in sunnier climates have a vast selection of countries to choose from. Dubai, Australia, the Canaries, and parts of the USA are certainly hot favourites. However, is the Caribbean island of Barbados the best option of all? We think it might just be….

1)   It never takes long to get anywhere on the island

 Barbados is a small island, and you can travel from one side to the other in just 40 minutes. So whether you need to pop out for a meeting, see friends, run errands, or just buy some rum, it will never take you very long.

2)   It may be the most relaxed place on earth

Relating back to our first point, Barbados is a small place. This means that no one is really in any rush to get anywhere very quickly, and the pace of life is much, much slower than it would be in most European or American towns and cities.

3)   You will never get bored of the sights

Generally speaking, there are few places more beautiful, and more colourful than Barbados. The natural environment consists of bright blue skies, clear, crystal seas and white sandy beaches. If this wasn’t enough, the man made elements of the island are equally as stunning to look at, with many houses painted bright, vibrant colours. It would be impossible not to wake up in a good mood, everyday.

4)   The locals are some of the best on earth

Barbadians are known for being calm, relaxed and happy individuals who genuinely enjoy life. And who can blame them? They live in a stunning corner of the world and live a far more relaxed lifestyle than most. I bet you can’t say the same for any city-dweller…

5)   It’s always sunny…

In some areas of North America, hurricanes and extreme storms are a part of everyday life. However, the island of Barbados is, luckily, out of the main path for hurricanes, so you can carry on enjoying endless blue skies.

6)   Fine foods

Some of the world’s best produce comes from Barbados, with it being home to many people’s favourite culinary treats, such as avocados, mangoes and starfruit. Even better, is that, being an island, you can easily get a hold of some of the finest seafood around. What more could you ever want?

7)   There is always plenty to do

Although Barbados is a small place, there are plenty of activities to partake in. Whether it be horse riding, surfing, kite surfing, hiking or just taking a dog for a walk along the beach, there is something for everyone.

8)   The value of land and property never falters.

The value of property and land in Barbados seems to remain unaffected by world issues, and remains a hot favourite with celebrities and wealthy people. Plus, with so many celebs snapping up homes here, and the island being tiny, it means you’re more likely to have famous friends for neighbours!

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