Surprising Reasons to Move to Singapore


When you are considering buying real estate internationally you should obviously consider the actual location and how you and your endeavor are going to fit in that country be it as a temporary or permanent residence. If you are looking to move to Asia because no matter if it’s because of its booming economy or if you are just looking to experience vastly different cultures from your own, one of the interesting choices worth considering is definitely Singapore. So let’s look at a number of reasons you should get yourself a home in Singapore.

Virtually Everybody Is Open (and Speaks English)

One of the most difficult aspects in leaving your home country and moving to a new one is dealing with the local culture and especially the local language. Singapore is a truly multicultural place that sets a great internationally relevant example of tolerance and peace. Besides being accepting to foreigners on the cultural level, Singapore is a place that welcomes expats with open arms and the fact that the wide majority of the population speaks English makes adapting to the new environment quite easy at least on the functional level.

A Great Place for Business

Singapore is a city state that has managed to lift itself from poverty quite quickly and has managed to transform itself from a poor fishing village to a truly modern and flourishing global business hub in the span of decades. This is a huge feat and is testament to the great business climate Singapore provides. This means that it’s a great idea not only to move your residence there, but to expand your business there or even start a new one from scratch. First of all, as mentioned above, Singapore is one of Asia’s most important hubs and this provides a wide range of opportunities for businesses to thrive. Additionally, Singapore offers relatively low taxation levels both for companies and individuals which means that you will get to keep a much higher portion of your profits that you would in the US, UK or Australia. On top of this Singapore is a very technologically advanced society with great infrastructure which makes it even more business-friendly.

But if you are not inclined to start a business in a foreign country just yet, Singapore might still offer you what you need because…

It’s a Great Place to Work and Study

The economic advancement that the country has been experiencing for the last few decades cannot come without a stable internal economy. This makes it a great place to work as a salaried worker as well. First of all, the standard of living there is high and so are the salaries. Pair that with the lower tax rates and you end up with a lot of disposable income. Additionally, Singapore offers great job security as most employers there value stability and tend to offer long-term contracts that can easily be signed for periods exceeding two years. This shows that most employers value their employees and you can expect to be treated nicely after getting a job with a local company there. On top of this, Singapore will surely offer you ways to expand your professional credentials in way or another. If you move there, a proactive approach would be best – for instance you could take advantage of their famous efficiency at everything by hiring a local tutor Singapore has to offer in whatever you want to learn be it languages or other important skills like mathematics.

It’s a Great Starting Point for Exploring Asia


Singapore has one of the largest but most efficient airports in the world and arriving and departing is a delightful and more importantly extremely quick experience. This has made the city state one of Asia’s most important transportation hubs and if you want to spend some time exploring the continent and all its fascinating cultures and places, it might be great idea to make Singapore your home base. On top of this, Singapore is full of landmarks to explore on its own and offers a lot of beautiful sights to take in.

On the whole, if you are looking to relocate and to start a new adventure, Singapore might just be the place for you.


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