Moving abroad vs moving interstate


Do not forget to bring your passport when moving abroad

Moving abroad vs moving interstate differs in many ways. If you are trying to make a decision between the two, you have to know all the differences and important aspects of relocation. Moving by itself is quite a task, but if you include the factor of moving abroad it gets a whole new meaning. If this is a great unknown for you, I am willing to try to shed some light on how this whole complicated process works.

Only once you know all necessities and how everything works, you will be able to understand the difference between moving abroad vs moving interstate.

Moving abroad vs moving interstate – main difference

When people talk about the comparison between the two, they usually use phrases like what’s the main difference or tell me what’s important here. To be able to understand the difference between moving abroad vs moving interstate, you have to know that there is more than one main thing. There is a multitude of factors you need to take into consideration when choosing where to move.

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Think about currency exchange when moving abroad, you have to find the best exchange rate if you wish to save money

Moving interstate

I choose to talk about moving interstate first. It is much easier to move this way, but you will see the real difference between moving abroad vs moving interstate once we start talking about how to travel overseas. 

When moving interstate, your checklist should look like this:

  • decide on a location
  • purchase or rent a new place
  • pick a reliable moving company
  • pack your possessions
  • prepare your family for relocation
  • decide on the moving date
  • do research on your new town

These are the essentials of every interstate relocation. If we compare moving abroad vs moving interstate, you will find out that both of these types have these same essential tasks. What makes a difference here is how you tackle them. It is not the same preparing your children to move from Miami to New York and to prepare them for moving to France or Italy or Spain.

Also, have in mind that hiring an international real estate agent and a domestic one is not the same.

Now we will take a deeper look into the difference between moving abroad and moving interstate.

Picking a location

Picking a location abroad mostly depends on your reason for the move. It is not something that I can help you to decide, but I can give you some advice. Conduct thorough research on the country where you want to move. Check their political and economical strength and quality of life. You have to pick your location to match your budget.

Purchase a new home

Again, purchasing a home interstate and abroad has many differences. When buying a property from a distant place, you don’t have the luxury of visiting before purchase. Nevertheless, don’t feel discouraged. You can always arrange a video call to get a tour of the house. Laws are protecting you, wherever you go, and real estate companies all work in the same way. Still, one of the differences here is, you will probably have to buy the place in the local currency of that country.

With that in mind, you must find the best exchange rate or you’ll lose a lot of money. Also, check with your bank and the real estate agent, if there are any differences between how the process works abroad.


Buying a house abroad is difficult, find a quality real estate company

Picking a moving company

When moving interstate, picking a moving company is much easier. You are still on your turf, so even if something goes wrong, there are ways to pull it off. When moving abroad, you need to find the best option in the market. Compare estimates, and look for reputable international moving companies. Reviews play an important part here, so take the time to read them.

When moving abroad, you will have to schedule shipping your stuff before the move. In more detail, you have to rent a storage unit and make all the preparations regarding the date. When moving abroad, every detail counts. Search for moving companies with specific experience and customs expertise for the country you are moving to. Here is where you really want to be picky. You don’t want to have your stuff to be lost at the customs because of the poor organization.

Packing your belongings

When packing your belongings, the main difference in moving abroad vs moving interstate is choosing what to keep. International relocation costs much more, and you don’t want to take everything with you. Your relocation price will go through the roof. Instead, pick only what you must keep, and donate or toss everything else.

Also, if you are packing any specific items, you have to check with the customs if they are allowed in the country of your destination.



When moving abroad, you will have to learn the language. Better now than later!

Prepare your family for relocation

The language barrier is the biggest issue when moving abroad. You don’t have to think about this if you are moving interstate. If you have small children, try to explain the whole process. If they are old enough, sign them up for language classes, so they can learn some of the essential phrases. Better yet, learn together. This will be an excellent opportunity to practice speaking the language before the move.

Also, do a search for your new town together. Discover some fun activities to do after relocation. It will be easier to meet the neighborhood if you are at least a little familiar with it.

Decide on the moving date

When moving interstate, the best practice is to avoid the summer season and the weekends. This is the peak of the moving season, prices are high and roads are crowded. With international moving, this may differ. Arrange the date with your moving company, and ask them when is the best time to move. 

Preparing documentation for moving abroad

Let us go back to the beginning of my post, and talk about the main thing. The biggest difference in moving abroad vs moving interstate is when preparing all the necessary documentation. It is the crucial step of every international relocation. Check with your embassy and the embassy of your destination country what is required, and prepare it on time! You don’t want to be late with the documentation.


Purchase your ticket on time, if you are waiting until the move the price can double up

Have a safe journey

Now it is safe to say that you know the difference in moving abroad vs moving interstate. Plan your relocation to the smallest details, and prepare everything on time. Last advice I can give you is to purchase your plane tickets in advance! There is a huge difference in price if you wait for a month until your relocation. If possible, arrange this with your moving company. 

The whole transition is not easy, but it is definitely worth it. Living in a foreign country offers many possibilities, so if you have a chance, use it! Have a safe trip!



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