CNY Real Estate: Everything You Need To Know When Buying A Property Abroad


Buying property abroad may be a life-long dream of yours. Or perhaps for others, it may be a necessity due to the transfer of work, or whatever other personal circumstances that come to your life.

Having that change of environment can be very refreshing. But, before you can enjoy your big move, there are numerous processes that you have to go through first. One of these has to do with buying property overseas.

To help ease out the process for you, here’s everything you need to know about purchasing a property abroad:

1. Know The Legal Requirements First

Not all legal requirements for buying property abroad are the same. This can vary from one state to another. Hence, it’s up to you to know the legal requirements first of the country that you’re looking to buy a property from. You might be surprised to find out later on that some states don’t allow non-residents to own real estate.

Hence, you’ve got to find a way to make things work out for the better. Before making that certain decision to buy a property abroad, you must settle all the legal requirements first. Study these and find out if it can work.

2. Have A Lawyer Ready

Most sales transactions go smoothly to the extent that a lawyer isn’t needed. But, remember that buying a property abroad isn’t as effortless as buying one in your own country. For one, you’re not an expert on the law. Second, you’re not from that country. Hence, you don’t know your way in and out of the sales processes. Before you make a purchase, therefore, you must have a lawyer ready. Having one is one of the best umbrellas of protection that you can give yourself, should a legal problem arise.

3. Stick To Your Budget

One of the ways for you to narrow down your options of properties abroad is by sticking to your budget. You should have this in mind even before you start the process of house hunting.

Important note for you to keep in mind is to convert the budget that you have from your local currency to the currency of the country you’re buying property from. And when you do, set a little bit more extra for possible changes in the exchange rate. When you do this, you become more realistic with the maximum amount that you can afford.

For instance, this should also include factoring in the value of your salary in the country that you’re moving to for work. That way, you get a better sense as to whether or not you can afford to pay for the house.

There’s a home for every budget, so don’t you worry. Click here to start your search for possible homes within your personal budget.

4. Learn The Best Means Of Payment

Surely, you’re not going to be bringing with you a briefcase full of cash. Hence, you’ve got to study as well the best means of payment. By “best,” this means the following:

The safest mode of transferring significant amounts of money

The fastest way of sending money

The most economical way of sending money

With these, it’s essential for you, therefore, to choose the method with the best currency exchange rate. This allows you to maximize every single value of your dollar. Especially when sending significant amounts, the difference does add up. This is money lost that you could’ve saved instead.

5. Study The Maps

Even if the property is listed, this doesn’t mean that you know every single detail about its location. Learn to study detailed maps surrounding the properties that you’re looking to buy. If you’ve got a big map of the city, plot the different properties that you’re interested in. This can give you a better bird’s eye view of its surroundings. You get to choose which is nearer to schools, or to your workplace. Is a supermarket nearby important to you? Or would you rather have a hospital?

Often it’s hard to visualize descriptions by reading alone. Sometimes, these descriptions can also be misleading. When you learn to study the map of its surroundings, it’ll no longer be a surprise when you arrive in the new country.




When moving to another country, one of the most critical steps that you have to go through is the process of buying a property. Especially if you’re looking to move permanently or for the long-term, this is one decision that you can’t make haphazardly. Else, you might make expensive mistakes or fall into the pitfalls of problems.

These tips can be your useful stepping stone guide to help you get a good headstart on your research process. These will help make your purchase a smooth-sailing one.

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