5 Reasons why you should invest in Marbella


This year we have already seen Spain’s economy dramatically improve. The prediction for a dramatic improvement over the next two years has been based on the decrease in unemployment and the improvement of banking and mortgage conditions.

As indicated by the Spanish national foundation of measurements in the second quarter of 2016, Spanish Gross domestic product was 3.2%, and it is regarded to be the Eurozone propeller of development. Due to Marbella’s privileged geographical location, it has been a well-known tourist destination for years. So, take a look at these five reasons you should invest in Marbella property for sale.

Desirable location

This is without a doubt the main reason investors are so drawn to this region, as Marbella is strategically positioned close to all of Europe’s commercial points. It has high-speed train connections from/to Malaga; ports, boats and marines to Malaga, Algeciras, or Puerto Banús, Malaga airport and Gibraltar.

It is not just these points which make Marbella so desirable, let’s not forget about its year-round climate and spectacular natural backdrop. It has served as a playground for the glamorous since the 1950’s when it has first put on the map as a high-end tourist destination.

All of these factors combined makes Marbella a jewel to be discovered thanks to its climate and culture.

Thriving property market

The property market in Spain, and more specifically, the Costa del Sol, is one of the best valued areas for property investment. Whereas property value in mainland Spain is increasing between 20%-30% annually, in Marbella this percentage is within the higher range and sometimes even goes over it. 25% of Europeans are thinking of retiring abroad, and southern Spain is one of their favourite destinations.

Quality of life

It is no secret that Marbella is one of the places which most of us want to visit and even reside in. The quality to price ratio when it comes to leisure areas, sports clubs, restaurants and water sports. Marbella’s microclimate offers sunshine year-round, you won’t have to worry about being caught off guard in the cooler months. Rain is also almost unheard of in Marbella, meaning that you can enjoy golf and over outside activities all year round.

Best golfing in the world

Marbella has some of the best golf courses in the world, and Spain has the highest concentration of golf courses in all of Europe. One of four of Spain’s Top 100 golf courses is in Marbella, and there are courses to suit every level of ability.

A good return on investment

Because Marbella is such a hotspot for tourists, there is no doubt that you can rent out your property whilst it is vacant. It can also be seen as a good investment for yourself as you can catch a plane over and enjoy a summer in the sun.  

Whatever you choose to do with your property, we just know that you will love the vibrant scene which Marbella has, as well as its endless beaches and fantastic golfing facilities.

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