The property market in NJ develops every day. You can find different NJ home builders with their constrictions that are surprised everyone at the In this case, for being sure about safety and reputation, pay your attention to the NJ home builders list.

Polo master

In the first place of builders in New Jersey is the most often luxury construction Polo Master Builders. Howard Polo is a founder of the company, although the company is run by three brothers. The second contributor, Howard Polo's brother Roger Polo, joined as CFO only after receiving realtor's license. A third manager Jeffrey Polo is the Project Manager of the company, but first of all, he received a business degree from Northeastern University. The main feature of this family-owned company is a well-made robot.

Grant Homes

The runner of this home builder New Jersey is Jay Grant. He founded the organization immediately after graduating from Tulane University. This company is famous for its history. Gran was born into a family where each member was a builder. Therefore, construction is in his genes from a young age. From a young age, the Grand Prix developed persistently. At first, he was past an executive officer and past president of the Community Builders Association of New Jersey.

Bocina homes

This home construction companies New Jersey was on the property market for over 20 years and has earned different awards throughout its history. The founder of the company is Bruce Bocina. The firm specializes in custom-built, luxury single-family homes. The organization specializes in custom-built, luxury homes for family accommodation. The organization has been repeatedly nominated for the best house, best townhouse, and others and has successfully won these titles. Recently, the firm is also a member of the NAHB.

Alliotts Construction

The history of Alliotts Construction begins more than 100 years ago. The fact is that initially, the company was not a construction company. Charles Alliotts, who was born in Italy, started his plumbing and heating business. He did not have a large team, only 1 person was involved in this enterprise. The team became a construction company only after 3 generations, having gone through various stages of transformation. In 1980, Charles Alliotts' grandson Kevin Alliotts, together with his father, developed a new business plan that allowed them to become a successful construction company. The company currently sells homes worth over $ 15 million. Some modern homes that stand out for their design and luxury can be found in Bergen County.  The company strives to fully embody the fantastic ideas of its customers, which helps them to lead the real estate market.


For 70 years, Fallone has been a leader of  New Jersey home builder. The founders of the company are Fallone family. The company became a member of the NAHB. The firm has received several awards for its hard work - Best Custom Home from the NJBA. The company treats its work carefully, so the client's wishes are always satisfied.

Gambrick Custom Homes

Many people have heard about this company, as the firm has been steadily holding leading positions in the real estate market over the past years. Gambrick Custom Homes specializes in resort-like home and is doing it successfully. The founder of this firm is John Mazzucca, back in 1971 he decided to create a company that will help people live in the conditions in which they want. Since then, nothing has changed. To this day, those who have ever dealt with the company are establishing a connection in the future.

Importance of choosing the right home Developer

Trusting the construction of a house to specialists, we always strive to secure our investments as much as possible. That is why the choice of a construction company is so important: you will cooperate with these people for a long time, and the result of all work directly depends on their professionalism and responsibility. Imagine two situations. The first situation is you are dealing with a company that takes into account all the wishes of the client, tries to satisfy all his needs and make his stay in the future house in a comfortable environment. And the second situation is a company that does everything as it suits them; does not listen to the client, and the company makes all decisions independently. Which company do you contact? Naturally, everyone will choose the first option. After all, if you were able to find a common language with the company, then the result of the common cause will be much better. In the presented list, you can choose any company, because for them the desires and requirements of the client are in the first place.

How can I find a home builder near me?

For doing it, just go to the and select the desired placement. Then, a large list with exact directions of the area will open before you. You just have to choose a company and close a deal.


There are many different construction companies on the market today. And each assures that its the best home builders in NJ, the highest quality, the most responsible, etc. It is sometimes difficult for a person without experience in the construction business to decide who to entrust the construction of his/her own house. We've rounded up the top 5 companies to look out for.



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