Congratulations! Finally, you have a chance to live in your own place. Whether you move on from the dorm of from your family house, this event is a turning point in your life. It is a big step towards independence and self-maintenance. And you have no right to fail it on the first level. The day of moving on is a nervous and exhausting challenge. The way you plan and organize it will tell you about how much are you ready to live at your first own place.

There are many stages in transfer to the new home. You can't just wake up on a fixed day, put your stuff in a truck and leave. If you won`t be responsible enough you can get many troubles. For example, you can forget to transfer some pieces of furniture or spend the first night in the new place without proper comfort. To ease your life I want to accent on actions that must be done at once if you want to make a successful move on. Of course, you can ask moving companies to conduct the transfer. Nowadays it is as easy as to find best dissertation writing services. But in case you want to avoid interaction of moving companies with your stuff, better do it on your own. 

1. Select your stuff

People usually start procrastinating on this level. Because it is too complicated for them to decide what things to take to the new place. They tend to pack all their possessions no matter they use them now or don`t. In fact, not only during moving on but every year we amass things the are out of use, that won`t come in handy in the future. These things put a pressure on its owner. Study the space of your new apartment and decide what stuff will match the future interior. Of course, there are solutions to create the best interior, but with heaps of useless stuff, I doubt in the success of it.

When you leave for a new place you start a kind of new life. You have more free space that you wish to fill. But if your fill it with what was important for you some days, weeks, years ago, you will linger the step to the new life for an unknown amount of time.

So, how to deal with stuff and wisely divide needed things from ineligible? Try to use a simple rule: if you haven't used an object more than a year it is likely to be out of use. Then, you can manage to different options to get rid of this object:

      Take a photo of your no more wanted belongings and download it on the internet

      You can throw a moving out party and distribute stuff among your friends;

      Make a garage/yard sale and engage your neighbors to become new owners of your possessions.

      Donate your stuff to charity organizations;

      Sell your old books to a used bookstore, or donate them to a library.

2. Make a plan for children & pets

It is good that you have distributed your luggage and now for sure with what things do you want to move on. In case, that you have something animate too, it is important to think about its transfer foremost. Do you know how your cat can undergo the process of moving? Do you know what to do with your little child during the transfer? The fact is that people can focus too much on the moving fuss that they don't pay attention to those about whom they must care the most. What I am trying to say is that if you leave your old house with a parrot, it is not a sign of a good start of the new life.

Before you pack your stuff, before you order a truck, think about what your children and pets will do on that day. Any moving company is not responsible for taking take of living beings that are close to you.

3. Buy packing materials


It is great if you are provident and have been gathered used boxes from domestic appliances since the moment you had decided to move out. But if you don't have a heap of packing stuff in your pantry, get some.

The most important thing is boxes. Have them in abundance. The extra box will not be redundant. There are many ways to get carton boxes. For example, at the supermarkets, it is possible to get them for free. Just make a deal with workers from the warehouse. Post-offices is another box-rich place. People always send parcels in different packages, which they usually buy usually on-site. The price depends on the size, of course.

Boxes are not the only way to pack your stuff. Simple packages cling wrap, newspapers are essentials of successful packing. Remember, that you need not only pack the things but also label them, to detect and find them easily after the moving on. For this purpose, supply yourself with stationery. It must be stickers of different colors, markers, and scotch. For valuable documents get holders with files. So, you need to have a fruitful shopping before the Day X.

4. So, Pack!

The process of packing is complicated, but you can optimize it. First of all, you must create a checklist with all things that you are going to take to the new apartment. Prioritize the items on this list. I suggest putting in the list things that will be essential for you in the first night. Decide what will you put in the “first night box”. After that, distribute other items according to the frequency of their use. To avoid possible problems, practice the following packing tips:

      Mind the label of your box. Do not let two or more boxes have the same name. Be more specific in naming to find needed object in the least period of time in the new apartment.

      Put all the items that go in the same room in one box. During unpacking, you won't gather bathroom towels from kitchen towels and then living room tablecloth from the kitchen one. Just get “kitchen box” and distribute everything faster.

5. Set up the utilities in your new home

When you live in the house you do not only use your stuff. You exploit sources and use some services too. If you move on to the new house without an internet, electricity, water, the desired “new life” will turn into the nightmare. Be provident and handle issues with:

      Setup the utilities that include water, gas, electricity, telephone, TV, internet, home security;

      Coordination of services on the work of which affect the address change (insurance, banking, or car licenses and registration.);

      Contacts with the hospital, fire station, police headquarter, location government, post office, animal hospital, library, public transportation.

6. Now, Unpack!

I skip the actual track transfer because the proper completion of previous tips is a key to successful move on. But at the moment you enter the new apartment there are things that you can mess up too. To them refers the unpacking process. I assure you that you will simplify this process if you follow next recommendations:

      Unpack your essential items first. I am talking about the “first night box”. The first night in the new house must be spent in the comfort. 

      Then collect and put all of your big furniture to the places where it belongs;

      Do not try to unpack everything on the first day. At the moment your truck stops near your new house just get all the boxes to the place where they belong (e.g. kitchen towels – to the kitchen). The day of moving is very exhausting, so you must not beat yourself completely with the ultimate unpacking campaign. Take it slow, your stuff won't run away from you.

7. Change the locks and arrange the security system

Only after the moment to settle in the new place you have a right and a need to replace old locks. No matter what person sold this housing to you, you must be cautious. The truth is that the previous owners, realtors, maintenance folks and who knows who else are all likely to have keys to this place. For some peace of mind and as an essential step in making this house yours, get new locks installed on the day you move in.

So, ask some guy to fix your locks on the day of your move-in. Order some duplicates of the keys too.

8. Get the house cleaned up.

If you can ignore absolute unpacking on the first day, the cleaning up is a must. Of course, former inhabitants may have cleaned and passed you over a house in appropriate (from the point of cleanness) state. However, remember that caution is the parent of safety. If you neglect to clean some place successfully you risk getting some dangers in your new life.

So, I hope that those suggestions will simplify your moving on. It is in your hands to avoid odd stresses and nerves. Take a lesson from the experience of previous people for your well-being.

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    Robert Everett: I am a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. Solving students career and university problems. Having an interest in marketing and business.