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    Nick Marr

    Nick Marr is the founder of Homesgofast.com and behind property marketplace TheHouseShop.com and Europe's most established dedicated European property portal (online since 1998) Europeanproperty.com. Nick advised the UK government to help change legislation to make advertising real estate online easier for UK property businesses. The result has been a flourish of innovation creativity helping all stake-holders to greater flexibility allowing for new online models to exist today. Working with thousands of international real estate agents, developers and homeowners worldwide allows him to gain a unique insight to the changes in both digital marketing and the real estate sector. You can find out more about him at NickMarr.com

Eco-friendly homes are not the future

An eco-house is just what it sounds like: it’s an environmentally-friendly house that’s designed to have very little impact on our planet. However they are not the future they are here right now and they are reducing carbon footprints of the housing sector right now. Like many sectors

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How to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Broaden Your InfluenceWhen you are just beginning, you may not have many lead generation engines outside of your sphere of influence; hence you must make sure that your sphere is aware that you are in the industry when they need anything. Build NetworkYour sphere of influence will be as powerful

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When Is the Best Time to Sell a Home?

Every year, more than 5 million Americans make the decision to sell their homes. Some do it to relocate to a better area or a better home, while others do it to downsize or to get rid of a home they can't afford anymore. If you're thinking about selling your home, you should not attempt to d

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7 Ways to Simplify Cleaning Your Home

Keeping your home clean is like a full-time job. It requires constant effort. When you leave your home unattended to for a single day, you will spot dust on the floors and some disorganized stuff. The case is even worse if you live with kids. We know how tough it is to clean your home, and we know

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