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Why Asbestos Monitoring is So Important

As one of the most common types of building materials, asbestos can be found in nearly every home or commercial building constructed before 2003. Used for its insulation power and cheap price, this harmful substance wasn’t banned for decades after it was already in use. Commonly used in cei

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7 Top Ways to Save Money at Home

People are always looking for ways to stretch out budgets during tough economic times. Even when financial outlooks are good, home owners can benefit from finding ways to save extra money. We spoke to TWPN.com Kent property experts to show us the many ways to save money on expenses. Insurance Rev

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4 Common Problems Faced By Landlords

Being a landlord can be financially rewarding, however, it isn’t just a case of sitting back and reaping the benefits once a month. No, there is plenty of mental and physical work that goes into managing a buy-to-let property. There are lots of challenges that landlords face as they maneuver

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10 Tech Upgrades that Boost Your Home's Value

The houses we buy and live in, or the houses we rent, are not only assurance for our lives but also investment tools that can be valued as time goes by. Everyone wants the value of their house to increase. But especially for our readers who are planning to sell the house soon, we have reviewed what

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Helping Your Home Sell Through Photographs

Anyone planning to sell their house this summer knows the goal is to sell as fast as possible and as near the asking price.  Photographs help. Take photos with an eye to a toward the outcome. Professional looking images can be made with a cell phone. The house will sell with these tips for styl

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