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5 Ways To Make A Self-Build Unique

Building your own home is the dream of many of us. Who wouldn't want to choose exactly how and where their home should be? A self-build gives you the chance to build a home with your personality stamped all over it. So we’ve put together some tips to help you make your self-build as unique

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Ladder safety for painting your property

Everyone knows how to use a ladder to paint their property, right? Well while everyone might know how to climb a ladder and run a brush against a wall, that doesn’t mean that it is easy to stay safe while painting from a ladder. It’s not quite as simple as placing your ladder, climbing

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How to pick a Tree for your yard

When it comes to landscaping, tree selection and placement are essential decisions that demand careful deliberation. The economic, social and environmental benefits of trees are undeniable, but a decision in haste when landscaping with them can lead to a lifetime of regret. A tree can make your ya

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How To Prevent Damp In Your Home

Dealing with damp is just something we don't want to do and while there are loads of brilliant damp proof experts who will handle the job for you, it is always best to prevent rather than cure.  But how can you prevent damp in your home? Sometimes, you can’t because the problem is out o

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Easy Ways To Add Extra Value To Your Home

If you're a fan of home improvement shows such as Fixer Upper and Property Brothers, you will know how much value can be added to a house by engaging in even seemingly small home renovation projects. During a period of time in which house price rises are slowing down gradually in the USA according

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