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The Trend Toward Micro Condominiums  

A few years ago, the idea of tiny living took the world by storm. People from all over the U.S. became almost obsessed with the idea of living in a tiny home on a temporary or permanent foundation. This movement was fueled by the already popular idea of minimalism and, all at once, several TV show

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Alternatives to London

The average selling price of a house in London is around £550,000. Fair enough? That’s the price you pay for living in the country’s capital, being near major businesses, schools, malls and great sights. That’s about double the average price of houses from the rest of England

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Four Reasons All Realtors Should Invest in REITs

Being a landlord is not at all easy. If you have handled this job, you would know that managing your tenants is an absolute nightmare. Apart from having to visit them several times to collect the rent, you will also have to listen to their endless complaints and find solutions to their various pro

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How to Speed Up the Home Sale Process

In the housing market of today, selling a home can be a lot more difficult than you may think. With many potential buyers looking for increasing home features and others finding it difficult to sell their own homes before they commit to buying a new property, it’s not uncommon for a house sale

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Five Top Tips for a Quick House Sale

In today’s housing market, getting buyers interested in your home can be a mammoth task in and of itself, never mind getting a quick sale. But, sometimes a quick sale is necessary – perhaps you have already found your dream home that you need to sell your current one in order to buy, or

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