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sean kleinbooi

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Inorbit property is a real estate firm with a very fresh approach something the real estate industry has been missing, founded by Sean and Dibuseng with three main ingredients we all need when doing business “integrity, trust and very high morals” with intentions to do a little bit more then the average man by partnering with both buyers and sellers in an effort to create a whole new market altogether, the idea behind inorbit property is very simple and that is “inorbit property was founded on the idea of being the market leader in the real estate services industry”

Founded by two professionals who are both expects in their fields one being Marketing and business development and the other being a senior IT Specialist, the same founders of Inorbit corporation which led some of the most successful teams in


Public relations


Online marketing


Model management

Inorbit is young and trendy venturing into the real-estate industry has to be one of the most exciting challenges to date, where we take passion and expertise to great heights.

Inorbit growth has no limits and inorbit property is yet to prove its amazing potential with 2016 being the birth of inorbit property, making nothing less then giant steps to get ahead and to leave a trade mark on the worlds markets, inorbit property has taken an oath to provide nothing less then a professional service to all clients and stakeholders internal and external across the board and also providing sound advice and knowledge to empower both buyers and sellers creating an inorbit legacy.

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