Mangesh Parab

Mangesh Parab

Office No-115, Crystal Paradise, 1st Floor, Junction of 24th & 33rd Road, Bandra West, India Maharashtra, Mumbai 400050

About Mangesh Parab

At ACRES we deliver “A Complete Real Estate Solutions” in the real estate aura of Mumbai. Apart from A Complete Real Estate Solutions, we believe in providing a complete stress free process of Leasing, buying and selling property. We believe in building a successful, humble and understanding relationship with our clients, so as to provide them exactly what they require. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our clients and the community over the years and endeavor to make your experience of Leasing, buying or selling a property not only successful, but as enjoyable as possible. If you are thinking of putting your property on the market or wish to move into the area, contact us now and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements.

The firm also believes in a great degree of transparency in all its dealings targeted at dynamic and fool proof solutions for realty needs We have a completely computerized operation that is carried out by a team of professionals from a strategically located office.

Mr. Mangesh Parab heads a team of eminently experienced executives that manages the Bandra office. We intend on having a highly beneficial relationship with you or your company, if given a chance to render our services. We specialize in identifying the most ideal property available in the market for your personal or corporate need, whether you are looking for an Apartment or an Office. Contact us and within 24 working hours an executive from our organization will personally attend to your requirement and take you through the following:

1) Identify the property as per your requirement and specification that complements your choice.

2) Negotiating the terms & conditions to get you the best possible deal in the market.

3) Review and check of all the legal aspects through our team of Legal Advisers, and also draw up legal documentation under your instructions.

4) Provide Architects and Interior designers for your convenience.

5) Co-ordinate and fulfill all the formalities required in the successful completion of the deal.


*We are realistic real estate firm that stands proud behind our clients as they take the winding road through property. ACRES and it proactive agents are always ready for duty, to deliver a service that you can trust and have confidence in. Confidences that have seen private individual property services become something for all.

*An expert is needed when buying a home for those you hold dear, renting a sophisticated apartment or an investor standing on his dream residential development. ACRES and its parties involved are well knowledge of all things property. Thus, we don’t call us experts but those who entrusted us to lead the way do.

*It takes evolution to give us the big things in live. So stand ready to be part of property evolution. Bring forth the company that has one and one thing as priority. You THE CLIENT.

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