Bistra Bogoeva

Bistra Bogoeva

bulevard “Cherni vrah” 47 Sofia 1407

    About Bistra Bogoeva

    Independent Sofia Property Broker
    We an independent Sofia Property Broker and aim to provide concierge style real estate services to our clients that go beyond those offered by the large real estate agents in Sofia, Bulgaria by offering a single solution for buying or selling property.

    We have a detailed knowledge of the real estate market value in Sofia and will not waste your time in showing you over-priced, badly located properties or offering your assets at an unrealistic price to unvetted buyers.

    We concentrate on up-market properties in the best areas of Sofia and will listen to your detailed requirements before arranging viewings (even remotely) or putting your property on the market without a proper analysis..

    As an independent Sofia Property Broker we can offer reduced lower fees than large brokers, are not limited by large broker restrictions and do not require a deposit before an offer can be made to the seller.

    The scope of activities that we offer include:

    Provide a complete service including orientation, finishing to financial services contacts
    Appraise property values, listing properties for sale or rent and arrange viewings
    Preparation of the paperwork required to complete the sale or rental of a piece of real estate
    Property management including screening, maintenance and inspections
    Relocation services including orientation, school finder and temporary accommodation.

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