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Advertise property for sale by owner to international buyers, sell your home to foreign buyers by selling online listing on 100+ global real estate web sites covering Asia, Americas, Europe, Russia, Middle East & China. Ideal for selling luxury homes, land, homes ideal for relocation, investment or second home overseas.

Listings are translated and distributed to 100 global property websites. Find buyers from China, Middle East, Asia, Oceana and Europe, list your property on our partner network of international websites. 

Selling luxury property lists multi-million properties for sale at zero cost . You will find homes that are worth millions. It’s a fact that the more expensive a home is the smaller the audience. Savvy sellers know that their buyer may actually be located abroad. You will find Penthouses, Mansions, Character properties, land for sale and even Islands listed.

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Sell International Real Estate help both agents and homeowner access international buyers by advertising property on a huge worldwide network of property websites.

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Most popular types of property advertised to foreign buyers

Homes from the US tend to use different descriptions that those in Europe and other parts of the world. The type of property described as a ‘Condo’ for example can be confusing. Condominium” is a legal term used in the United States and in most provinces of Canada. In Australia and New Zealand. Apartments or Flats are where an entire building is owned by one person or company. In a condo, each unit is owned by one individual. It’s actual home ownership but in a shared building rather than a single-family home on a lot.

So what’s the difference between an apartment vs.a condo?

While each type of housing unit can come in a wide range of styles, the main difference between the two lies in the form of ownership. Basically, the definition of a condo is a unit that’s owned individually, with the common areas of the complex owned equally among all condo owners under the umbrella of an association. In contrast, typically an apartment building is completely owned by a single owner, often a corporation, with the individual units leased to various occupants.

Most advertised property

In Europe property listings come in the form of Bungalows, Chalets Townhouses,Villas, Apartment, Flats, Maisonette, Studios, Residential Property.

Advertising land for sale 

Building plots and land with planning permission are very popular with overseas buyers who are often living in regions where land is too expensive to buy. Building a new home as a holiday home or investment property has a great deal of appeal. The desire for having your own home built to your specification is high on the top of many people wish list. Overseas property presents some great opportunities to live somewhere else in a brand new property. Building a house can actually be cheaper than buying an existing property, coupled with finding a great piece of land makes it irresistible. generate hundreds of enquiries each week for land and building plots

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