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About is a top international property website dedicated to offering a comprehensive platform for international real estate listings. Recognised as one of the best international property websites, connects buyers with international homes for sale, whether listed by owners, agents, or developers.

Why People Look for International Real Estate

Investing in international real estate is an attractive option for many due to several reasons:

  1. Diversification: Owning property in different countries helps diversify investments, reducing risk.
  2. Lifestyle: Many seek homes in desirable locations for holidays or retirement, such as beachfront properties or cultural hubs.
  3. Affordability: In some countries, property prices are significantly lower than in the UK, making it an affordable investment.
  4. Economic Opportunities: Emerging markets offer great potential for capital appreciation.
  5. Second Citizenship: Some countries offer residency or citizenship through property investment.

Services Offered

  1. International Property Listings: Browse a wide array of international real estate listings, including thousands of homes for sale across the globe.
  2. Selling International Homes: List your international property for sale, whether you are an owner, an agent, or a developer.
  3. Real Estate Agent Services: Connect with international real estate agents who can assist you in buying or selling property abroad.
  4. Real Estate Companies: Partner with international real estate companies to ensure a smooth transaction process.
  5. Resources and Support: Access resources and support to guide you through the international property buying or selling process. Community owns 50 Facebook groups with thousands of active buyers, creating a robust community where listings get maximum exposure. This vast network significantly enhances the chances of buying or selling international property quickly and efficiently.


International Property Listings

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Increasingly we have found a new generation of overseas buyers, these are young buyers who struggle to buy property in their own towns and cities. International buyers also make up a large percentage of buyers who seek luxury real estate abroad

Top 20 Places to Buy International Property

  1. Spain: Popular for its sunny climate and relaxed lifestyle.
  2. Portugal: Known for its beautiful coastline and favourable residency laws.
  3. France: Attractive for its culture, cuisine, and historic properties.
  4. Italy: Offers charming countryside and historic cities.
  5. Greece: Renowned for its stunning islands and affordable properties.
  6. Turkey: Combines affordability with rich history and culture.
  7. Bulgaria: Offers some of the lowest property prices in Europe.
  8. Thailand: Famous for its tropical climate and affordable luxury.
  9. Mexico: Popular for beachfront properties and vibrant culture.
  10. Cyprus: Offers Mediterranean lifestyle and favourable tax conditions.
  11. Australia: Known for its high quality of life and strong economy.
  12. New Zealand: Offers stunning landscapes and outdoor lifestyle.
  13. United States: Diverse options from urban apartments to rural retreats.
  14. Canada: Known for its high standard of living and natural beauty.
  15. Brazil: Offers affordable properties in vibrant, growing cities.
  16. Croatia: Known for its beautiful coastline and historic towns.
  17. Malta: Offers a sunny climate and favourable tax benefits.
  18. Dubai: Known for its luxury properties and strong economy.
  19. Malaysia: Offers affordability and tropical living.
  20. Indonesia: Known for its beautiful islands and investment potential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where is the cheapest place to buy property abroad?
A: The cheapest places to buy property abroad vary, but countries like Bulgaria, Turkey, and Portugal are known for their affordable real estate options.

Q: Which country is best to buy property for foreigners?
A: Spain, Portugal, and Thailand are popular among foreigners for their attractive property markets, stable economies, and favourable buying conditions.

Q: Can UK citizens buy property abroad?
A: Yes, UK citizens can buy property abroad. There are no restrictions for UK nationals purchasing property in most foreign countries.

Q: Do you pay UK stamp duty on a foreign property?
A: No, UK stamp duty is not payable on foreign property purchases. However, you may be subject to local taxes and duties in the country where you are buying property.

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Conclusion stands out as one of the best international real estate websites, offering extensive listings and a variety of services to help you find or sell international homes. Whether you are an individual buyer, a real estate agent, or a developer, provides the tools and resources you need for successful international property transactions. Join our community of thousands of buyers on our 50 Facebook groups and explore thousands of listings from all over the world.

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