Advertising a property online is a lot simpler in the online age, but there are still some stages in the selling process that are associated with estate agents rather than private homeowners.

One of the most intimidating stages is showing a potential buyer around your home. How do you conduct a property viewing? Here are five easy steps:


1. Clean outside

When listing your property, a nice photo of the outside is crucial to creating a good first impression. The same applies to a buyer visiting in-person: the impression they form when walking up to your home will make a difference between liking your property or passing it over for another. Sweep the driveway, if applicable, but also tidy the front garden, make sure the bins are neat and give your door a wipe. Leaving space for a car to park outside will also help to minimise a buyer's potential frustration and provide an overall positive experience.

2. Clean inside

Think of a viewing as an in-depth property photo. If the exterior of your property must look attractive, the interior must look uncluttered and welcoming. Vacuum your carpets, but also clean away clutter and any traces of animals. Your buyer will want to imagine themselves living in the home: your role is to remove any possible distractions as much as possible.

3. Light your home up

Lights may not sound very important, or even very relevant, but if you are conducting a viewing during the evening, lights will help make your home as warm and inviting as possible. That same principle applies to every part of your property viewing: heating can ward off unpleasant chills; open curtains on a summer's day will make things feel more open and airy.

4. Think like an estate agent

You are not an estate agent, but that does not mean you should not think like one: be polite and professional and potential buyers will be impressed by both you and your home. Do not be afraid to ask questions: find out what they want from a home so you can highlight relevant features. Most importantly, try to appear calm at all times: nothing is more offputting than a desperate seller.

5. Practice, practice, practice

Make sure you know not only what you will say in each room, but also in what order you will show them. Practice your viewing as much as possible so you can do it as easily as possible. This will leave you more time to talk to your potential buyer and secure a sale.


Property viewing checklist

Get your home ready for a viewing

Bins tidy Front door clean Garden neat Driveway clear Animal mess removed Clutter put away Animal mess removed Clutter put away Patter rehearsed Tour order memorised


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