There’s nothing worse than an unexpected bill that you can’t afford. The struggle of trying to continue with your everyday life with ease can be stressful enough without the worry of trying to gather the money for the repair bill.



Your day is ruined, and your clothes may be too. But don’t let an unexpected bill alter your life. Be prepared! The average washer repair is £245. It’s a nasty, unexpected shock, and the kind, unfortunately, that many of us suffer.


According to research from Money Advice Service, some 71% of us have been hit with an unexpected bill in the last year, be it for a washing machine mishap, vet costs, car repairs, or something similar.


We can’t avoid these accidents from happening, but we can be prepared for them. Be capable of dealing with them by saving £3 a day – or as much as you can afford – by cutting out the little things that, if we were honest, we could manage without. A takeaway coffee, perhaps, or a newspaper that you might not even get round to reading. Save when you can, and if you’re unlucky enough to suffer an unexpected bill, you’ll be better placed to cope.


Data is from research by Money Advice Service. For more help with calculating how you can make savings, consult


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