Your holiday home can be an indispensable source of relaxation during the year. When it comes to selling the property, though, its value is determined by more objective criteria. As well as its location and size, the condition of a home is a key factor in its worth.

Nonetheless, research last year from The iProperty Company found that over half of British holiday homeowners (53 per cent) were too laid-back when it came to taking care of their holiday home and looking after their home while on holiday. To avoid being part of the careless crowd, here are some steps you can take to maintain the quality - and value - of your holiday home. Regular inspections The first thing is to make sure that you are aware of what condition your holiday home is in: you cannot fix something that you do not know about. Regular inspections will help you to keep a tab on what work needs to be carried out. Most second home owners visit their vacation property several times a year; when you visit yours, be sure to have a look around the whole place. Check after guests One of the main causes of damage to your holiday home are guests staying on the premises. From dirty carpets or soiled sheets to marks on doors and walls, you will only spot such wear and tear if you check your home after each rental period: try to time your own visits to occur shortly after someone else has rented out the property. Alternatively, find a local cleaning service that can attend to your holiday home's needs and incorporate their rates into your rental fees. Plan ahead for the winter... Planning ahead is vital to ensure that your property is safe all year round. Before the winter arrives, check to ensure your home is protected from seasonal problems, such as broken boilers or frozen pipes. Leaving the heating on low or draining the heating system can help to prevent any complications. ... and for yourself Seasonal precautions are a priority, but other work can be harder to fit in to your busy schedule: try to plan ahead so that any big tasks can take place when you are next at the property and, perhaps more importantly, when your next guests are not. Clean up Hiring a local cleaner can help to keep your property spick and span, not just after guests have stayed but during the rest of the calendar year. As a result, when you need to sell your home, it will look tidy and welcoming for your property listing photos, as well as any in-person viewings. When it comes to actually transferring the property, a clean home will also make it easier to clear out your own possessions. Be proactive Procrastination is the enemy of homeowners and landlords alike. With your holiday home out of sight, it can be easy for any repairs to stay out of mind. By putting things off, small repairs can develop into bigger problems, which can cause your property's value to fall. Whether you do all of the above things yourself or find someone else to help, the important thing is that they get done.
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