Do you have an overwhelming amount of loved possessions but not enough space in your home to keep it all? Secure storage space in a small home can be rare to come by and it sends many people loopy when they start to notice their place getting cluttered. If you feel like you have too much to fit in your home but can’t afford any storage space. Why not try out these useful storage solutions in your home before throwing anything out?

Create storage space around your TV

It is no lie that the television is the main focal point in many living rooms. But many people fail to utilise the space around the TV for storage purposes. Simple shelving and movable TV units offer flexible storage solutions for all of your sound systems, books and DVD’s. By fitting a storage unit all around your television set, you could easily find places to store items that normally make a living room feel cluttered and messy.

Build a home office in an alcove

Feel like you deserve a swanky new home office but know that you don’t have the space in your home to fit one? Why not by an office unit that will easily fit into an alcove in your home? Not only will you be providing yourself somewhere to “work” at (yeah right), but you will also be creating space to store all of your work that you can’t find any space for, it’s a win-win!

Turn your bed into storage space (headboard and under the bed)

Beds aren’t just for sleeping you know, they can also be utilised to provide you with the perfect storage space for all of your clothes that just don’t fit into that tiny closet of yours. By buying a bed that has built-in storage space into the headboard, you can find room for all of those winter socks that you never use during the summer! Not only can a headboard be used, but you can also take advantage of all of the unused space under your bed to store items that aren’t used every day.

Make sure to use every space possible for storage

Every inch of space is important when you live in a small home, especially in the kitchen. By buying thin pull-out cupboards with multiples shelves, you can provide yourself with tonnes of space that you never knew was there! Make sure that you keep items in spaces that aren’t used often and ordered away neatly so that the spaces that are used the most often do not seem cluttered.

Houses can get extremely cluttered if you let yourself be lazy for just a few days. With these quick-fix storage tips, you will have no reason to have a cluttered house any more. Make the most of these storage recommendations so you can keep on top of where everything is all the time!

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