Investing in a home security system is prudent and has numerous benefits. There are many kinds of innovative technology now available that can easily be customised to suit your specifications. Some of these systems even come with security cameras, as an extra layer of protection, while many can be controlled remotely from your mobile devices.

One of the first things to do when moving into a new house is to install new locks - especially when there has been a previous occupant, as spare keys can easily fall into the wrong hands. It’s also possible that the neighbours could have spares as well. Or perhaps you feel there is aneed to upgrade your security system due to recent security issues in your area. For instance, early this year, there was a spate of burglary incidents in Brighton with the police advising residents to “assess their home security and ensure doors and windows are secured.”

Having the locks changed after moving in is a relatively easy process - especially when you hire the help of a trusted professional, who can remove and replace the lock cylinders within just a few minutes.

Why hire a professional?

Professional locksmiths can provide a thorough overview of your property and determine its safety needs. Depending on the nature and features of the property, they could suggest certain safety measures you might not have thought of yourself. They may also recommend the best kind of security system that will serve your specific interests and adequately protect your home. There are varied types of home security systems you could invest in, such as video surveillance systems, fire alarm systems, security alarm systems, access control systems, wireless sensors, and remote monitoring systems.

If you‘re moving into a new area, it can often be difficult to know who to call to take care of any maintenance repairs and other security measures that you need addressing. However, finding a trustworthy locksmith service is not always so easy.  For instance, there are some locksmiths that will find an excuse to charge you more. However, there are many trustworthy locksmith services available online and are often just a phone call away.

Some additional tips you should know to help secure your home against theft:

  • Make sure you always lock up your house, even if you happen to be going out for just a short time. Some unscrupulous opportunists can take advantage of those few minutes to break in. Also, make sure not to leave any clear signs that the occupants are away. For example, you shouldn’t leave your mail uncollected when you’re on holiday or absent for a period of time. Therefore, you can ask a neighbour to help you collect mail during such times.
  • You can deter intruders and would-be thieves by ensuring your home doesn’t have too much cover; for instance, there should be a clear line of sight from the street. Therefore, cut back trees and trim shrubs that could create cover for an intruder, while attempting to gain entry. Also, install security lights to deter potential night time break-ins
  • You should upgrade your home’s security systems and install trustworthy locks. Local experts at KC Locksmith Brighton suggest “getting deadlocks that are sturdy and difficult to force open. It is beneficial to get a high-security lock with keys which cannot be replicated at a hardware store.” Installing grilles and shutters to protect the windows, fitting chain-locks and swing latches also provide some extra protection.
  • Always guard your keys to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. It only takes a few seconds for someone to make a trace of your key before going ahead to produce a duplicate.
  • Having looked after your keys think about your existing locks. Some doors can be pushed open owing to old fashioned locks. Multi-point security locking on doors which can be fitted by a provider such as helping give you peace of mind and let any potential intruder know that you have paid attention to home security.
  • One thing you should also consider is to install an alarm system; not just burglar alarms, but also fire alarms. Such alarms systems help give you that extra protection. For instance, burglar alarms notify you, your neighbours, and local law enforcement personnel when a break-in is in progress. Meanwhile, fire alarms help to protect your home in the event of a fire hazard and to avoid loss of life and property.
  • Consider purchasing a secure safe, where you can safely store certain valuables and other sensitive items. Locksmiths advise that if you own a safe which feature s a dial, you should make sure to avoid spinning the dial too fast or trying to open the lock before the dial unlocks.

Of course, the desperate criminals will stop at almost nothing to carry out his crime. In such cases, It is as Detective Sergeant Chris Lane in Brighton puts it: “report suspicious people or activity. Contact [the Police] immediately”.


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