Have you recently moved into a new home? Looking for some cool yet practical gadgets to make the place more interesting? Look no further. Read on to discover some of the best gadgets to get for your new space. All products mentioned can be found on Gear Hungry – an independent digital magazine dedicated to delivering you the very best and bizarre gadgets.

Smart Bluetooth Padlock

The majority of us have old padlocks with forgotten combinations. This can be quite the problem if you suddenly need a lock yet can’t access it. With the Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock, this will no longer be a worry for you. Say goodbye to forgetting your key or combination. Using Bluetooth, your phone acts as a key and will unlock the padlock on your command. The creators of this have taken everything into consideration as the padlock also has a directional keypad in case you want to lock your phone away as well. What a smart system!


KeyCatch is a practical (and tactical) way to ensure that your keys always stay in the same place. It features a magnet which cleverly attaches to the bottom bolt of your light switch and is strong enough to hold items weighing up to three pounds.

Kangaroo Light

This isn’t exactly a necessity, but it is a very cool feature to have in the house. If you are a fan of interesting lighting, then this is perfect for you. The Kangaroo Light is composed of 24 triangles, each containing LEDs. The silicone exterior allows the light to take any shape you want and can also be rolled up in to a tube. Another unique feature about this light is the set modes it has: full illumination, flickering and pulsing.

Saver Emergency Breath System

It is important to be safe in your own house and now, surprise surprise, even that has got a cool new feature. Introducing the Saver Emergency Breath System - the new gadget that can save your life. This form of personal fire protection buys you the time to exit your (in the case of an unfortunate event) burning home without inhaling any smoke. It holds three filters, a light designed to penetrate dark smoke and an alarm to attract attention.


Have you ever realised that fridges just don’t hold enough space for all our booze? Worry no more. BottleLoft is a new magnetic device that attaches to the top of the fridge and lets your bottles hang. The magnets hold a very strong bond so you don’t need to panic about them dropping and making a mess. BottleLoft also works with Starbucks bottled ice coffee, glass bottled soda and anything else with an iron cap.

With these gadgets under your belt, your new (or improved) house will sure be the talk of the town. If you like the sound of the cool gadgets mentioned, don’t forget to check out Gear Hungry for even more funky and unique products!


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